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  1. My favorite marvel villains were always Apocalypse & Mr. Sinister and Stryfe so of course for a hero we must have Cable to go along with him.
  2. Shame there is no "check for updates" option within LDD ive tried several times to open it but dont get any update
  3. Love your work and most of the good suggestions have already been mentioned. But being a Marvel fan one of my favorite villians was Apocalypse
  4. I didn't seem to get an update on mine usually its an auto update but ive tried starting it a few times and nothing new downloads
  5. I think ill give each minifig his own 8 x 8 dioramma with about 50 pieces added (serperate files of course) maybe ill post them too if i can figure out how to render and all that cool stuff.
  6. Well Im just looking to help the process along considering there is so many this time around. How can I extract the db.lif I cant seem to even find it in the LDD folder.
  7. Where would one get a hold of the rest of that list ?
  8. I was on brickshelf.com eariler and stumbled upon this png of some minifig decorations. I am trying to figure out where it came from and how I can get my hands on the complete list . Here is a link http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5787070
  9. I read there was alot of decorations added to 4.3.6 just waiting for them to be unveiled so we might get some of what weve been asking for.
  10. Any chance the rest of us could have access to the decorationID list so those who are able to can tinker around with them as well ?
  11. Anything we can do to help ?
  12. pbk420

    LDD 4.3.6 bugs

    Your not missing anything , yes it does connect but the gap is pretty noticeable was all I was saying
  13. pbk420

    LDD 4.3.6 bugs

    The new skirts/kilts attatch to the legs ok but when you try to put a torso on top it dont let you do it unless you scaffold it on then there is a big gap between the body and legs
  14. When I clicked on the links for 6083 & 6088 they both are links for 6088
  15. pbk420

    Disney buys out Lucasfilm

    Personally if they are going to make another trilogy I have 5 words for them "Knights of The Old Republic"