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  1. P13c30fch33s3

    [MOC] UT-AT from 2×75337

    Hello there! I created a MOC of the UT-AT, one of my favourite blink-and-you'll-miss-it vehicles, using the parts from 2 sets of 75337, with two minor extra pieces (the wedge slopes on the front side panels). I used and modified the core chassis, cockpit and main cannon from the base AT-TE model, but otherwise everything else was designed and built from scratch. The cockpit is the inaccuracy that bugs me the most, as the front of the UT-AT's cockpit is actually slanted, however I couldn't figure out a way to make it look good with the available parts while also being (mostly) sealed like the stock AT-TE one is. The repulsors are articulated in three separate groups on each side, mainly limited by where I could mount the Technic liftarms for them. The model rests entirely on these parts. All of the weapons are articulated. The main cannon rotates 360° and pivots up/down. The side cannons pivot up/down. The rear cannons all rotate. Here's my UT-AT model next to a heavily modified 75019 AT-TE. I was also able to fit a full interior into this model. The front is a crew bay with space for four gunners and an officer. There is enough space for typical minifigs to stand in this area. The rear is a troop bay, with space to comfortably fit nine troopers and extra equipment, and could easily be rearranged for more. Due to the lower height of the rear, minifigs in this area must be sitting down. Unfortunately due to all the weapons and how close the front and rear panels are mounted to one another, it is not possible to have both bays open at the same time without removing some of the cannons first. Bonus shot with all the weapons removed. Full Flickr album with some extra shots is here: link.
  2. P13c30fch33s3

    [MOC] Eta-2 Actis Interceptor

    Hello there! The Eta-2 is my favourite ship in Star Wars. As it is extremely small in-universe (only 5.47m long), using a scale of 1.8m ~ 5 studs, all of Lego's official sets are way oversized. As such, I sought to create my own, (roughly) minifig-scale model. With the given scale, the design goal length was 15 studs long. Eta-2 Front by admiral_ackbar47, on Flickr The end result is a model 17 studs long, necessary to include the all the detail I wanted. I'm quite happy with how it's turned out, it's close to scale, has all the functionality I wanted, looks cool and is still swooshable. Eta-2 Wings Open Front Profile by admiral_ackbar47, on Flickr One of the main flaws is height of the wingtips. One of the features I consider essential is properly articulated S-foils. To accomodate this particular design, the wingtips have to be much taller than they should be. Eta-2 Side Profile by admiral_ackbar47, on Flickr Another key flaw is the cockpit shape. The Eta-2's cockpit is not easy to recreate in Lego, especially at this scale. The piece that Lego uses for their Eta-2 models are much too large for this scale, and I don't think there is any piece that is particularly accurate here. Eta-2 next to modified 75038 by admiral_ackbar47, on Flickr Finally, here is my MOC (left) next to a heavily modified version of Lego's 75038 (right), which retains that set's approximate dimensions. Link to the full album. Link to the .lxf on my Google Drive.
  3. P13c30fch33s3

    [LDD MOC] Republic AT-XT

    Thanks! If you're referring to trying some 3x3 and 4x4 plates with curves (or anything similar) on the sides, personally I couldn't get an arrangement that matched the smooth sleekness of the in-universe design or even the wedge brick + curved slope combination I used, at least in LDD. A 2x2 plate with curve would certainly be much appreciated for some of the other parts of the model though, particularly the dark red highlighting.
  4. P13c30fch33s3

    [LDD MOC] Republic AT-XT

    Thanks! Yes unfortunately quarter domes stick out quite a lot, in my opinion too far. Additionally, the side plates on the in-universe model appear more ovoid than spherical. Something like a scaled down 8x3x2 wedge or maybe even half a 4x4 no-studs wedge could work nicely, but sadly neither currently exists.
  5. P13c30fch33s3

    [LDD MOC] Republic AT-XT

    Hi all, The AT-XT is one of my favourite Star Wars designs, and has been since I played the original Clone Wars game a good 15 or so years ago. It's a walker that hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention Lego wise, and the only MOCs I could find were typically larger than minifig scale. There aren't a whole lot of sources to go off either. The curved design of it is difficult to recreate at minifig scale in Lego, however I came up with something I'm quite happy with in LDD. This is Wookieepedia's image of the AT-XT, and my primary reference. Front of the walker, a single Clone Trooper in the cockpit. He barely fits, and is not easily removable. The top mounted mortars and chin mounted blasters have a small amount of articulation, being able to pivot up and down slightly. The head was originally designed to be able to swivel, however it was locked in place by a plate on the back. Removing the back plate would allow for the head to swivel again, but I'm not sure if the in-universe one actually could. The pictured, curved cockpit is not particularly accurate, however I really like how sleek it is and how well it blends with the rest of the body shape. Higher up view of the walker. Side/rear view, looking again at various sources I feel that the mortar top section should be a little longer. Top/rear view, I was a little unsure how to tackle the mortar section and as is it is a lot less curvy than it should be. All of the joints are articulated, the leg joints are all click hinges while the hip joints are just bars. I suspect such a connection would not hold up well when built with real bricks, but I couldn't find a suitable alternative at the time I designed it. Another angle of the walker in motion. I'm not a fan of how flat the feet are, but I couldn't come up with a more 3D design that I liked more at this scale. All of the solutions I could come up with are larger than this scale. I also whipped up this alternative cockpit cover. It's a lot more accurate to the in-universe design, however I personally prefer the single piece windshield for its sleekness. The 1x1 round plates that were also added in this picture would be a nice place for the Republic emblem tile. This is my favourite alternate foot design, it looks far better than the flat feet above but this design too large. Rear view with the large foot design, the feet shouldn't be that close together, especially at the rear toes. I actually finished up these versions of the model back in late 2016, and haven't touched them since so there may have been new parts released that might help. While I would love to build this with real bricks, there are three notable flaws holding me back. For one, the 2x2 wedge plate does not exist in dark red, and those add a significant portion of the dark red highlighting on the head. Secondly, I'm highly dubious of how well the hip joints would hold up with the weight of the head, and I suspect it would crumple quite quickly without a significant redesign. A stand would of course make things easier but I'd much rather it be able to stand on its own. Finally, I'm undecided on the feet. The to-scale feet are flat and not particularly well shaped, but the more accurate looking feet are much larger than they should be. Something else I would also like to change before building this with real bricks is the top mortar block. After another look at various sources I feel it should be a little longer, and I'm not too happy with the shaping on it, it should be a lot more curvy and smooth. I hope you enjoyed this creation, any comments, criticisms and suggestions would be appreciated. I'm also happy to send the .lxf files if you would like to have a tinker. A link to my original Flickr album can be found here: (link)
  6. P13c30fch33s3

    FO Heavy Gunner Gun MOCs

    Here's my version of the Megablaster, only just realised after uploading that it's quite similar to Joemmo's version. 20160411_131738 by p13c30fch33s3, on Flickr 20160411_131815 by p13c30fch33s3, on Flickr Can be set up in both deployed and undeployed forms. 20160411_131837 by p13c30fch33s3, on Flickr 20160411_131946 by p13c30fch33s3, on Flickr I'm not too happy about the muzzle piece, but I don't know of any pieces that resemble the Megablaster's muzzle properly and I don't like the look of the 1x1 black round plate.
  7. P13c30fch33s3

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    Target is also starting to stock the 2016 TFA stuff. Spotted in Doncaster, VIC. FO Snowspeeder Microfighter for $15 Resistance BP for $20 Kylo Ren/Phasma constraction for $39
  8. P13c30fch33s3

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    Some of the TFA Star Wars sets spotted at Toyworld, Forest Hill (VIC). 75099 Rey's Speeder $43 75101 Tie Fighter $105 75103 First Order Transporter $180 75104 Kylo Ren's Shuttle $200 Since it's Toyworld those prices are probably above RRP