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  1. Hi there, Having in mind for a long time to make a scene about Space Police I theme and more generally about space classic, I began by designing a new spaceship in the Space Police I sub-theme. This ship purpose is to haul prison cell between bases. It can carry 4 standardised prison cells. It has only two front lasers for self defense, but must be escorted by other starships for its defense. SP1 Cell Hauler by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Regarding the Moc itself, it has been influenced by other mocs seen here or on flickr. I started from an old moc of mine (see here). Side access are inspired by Coja's Star Citizen Aurora MOC. Side engines by Backward matt's work on SciFi design, and rear engine by Space_cat27 Mining ship. For now there's only one render made of this digital moc. I hope I'll be able to build it in real birck later and go ahead with the project I intend to do, that will contain this ship, two others which purpose is to escort the cell hauler, a scene around the landing pad, and maybe some monorail into it :)
  2. Hi there, I'm proud to present you my last MOC made using LDD. It represents Half-life videogame's first scene : The test chamber After having finished the MOC under LDD, I exported it to Mecabricks for final details and then an other export to blender for the renders. Renders have been made by a friend from french forum "CanardPC" as I experienced some problems with blender on my side. Unforeseen Conesquences by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Unforeseen Conesquences by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Unforeseen Conesquences by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Unforeseen Conesquences by dorian glacet, sur Flickr
  3. dglacet

    XB982 Astroship

    Really impressuve!!! I'm a fan of this comic from the first hour. I tryed many time to reproduce the ship without succes. You just won my support on Ideas ;) By the way, if the project doesn't succeed, will you provide the digital instructions of this moc?
  4. dglacet

    [LDD] Apollo Lunar Module

    You're right. In fact, I tried to design something with existing pieces, but in digital, it will be, as you mentionned, more accurate as I can use every color needed. I'll try to update it if i find the time :)
  5. dglacet

    [LDD] HG WELLS Time Machine

    Thx guys, the project is now available on Ideas, gathering support, link as been posted on the OP.
  6. dglacet

    [LDD] HG WELLS Time Machine

    Finally, after a discuss with the Ideas' staff, the project will be available for support soon, stay tuned :)
  7. dglacet

    [LDD] HG WELLS Time Machine

    I proposed it on Ideas, the project was rejected due to the fact that "it refers to a licensed property that doesn't fit the LEGO Group's standards for appropriate content or themes".... The thing that make me wonder is that other projects on this theme have been proposed and accepted (like this one : https://ideas.lego.com/projects/123954)
  8. dglacet

    [LDD] HG WELLS Time Machine

    Here's a moc made with LDD and rendered using mecabricks then blender. It features a scene inspired by HG WELLS science fiction novel "The time machine" and its movie adaptation made in 2002. The scene represents Hartdegen's workroom and the time machine itself. Time Machine Final Scene 02 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Time Machine Final Scene 01 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Time Machine Final Scene 04 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Time Machine by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Edit : This project is now available for gathering support on Ideas : https://ideas.lego.com/projects/132858
  9. dglacet

    [LDD] Apollo Lunar Module

    Sorry, im' not from an english speaking country :) Yes, you can fit two minifigs inside, but I need to work on it to make something better
  10. dglacet

    [LDD] Apollo Lunar Module

    It's built at minifig's scale. I don't know yet if i'll build it in real bricks. I have other projects before, but maybe one day :)
  11. dglacet

    Sci-fi interiors pack

    Your work is absolutely great!!! Looking forward for more ;)
  12. dglacet

    [LDD] Apollo Lunar Module

    Hi there, here is a creation made with LDD, the Apollo Lunar Module. I imported the creation in mecabrick and then exported it to blender to render it. The creation itself counts 825 bricks and, in my opinion, looks more realistic than the one made by TLC (Lego set 10029) : Rendering test by dorian glacet, sur Flickr
  13. The Pride of Hiigara is the upgraded version of the original Mothership designed solely for warfare. It serves as the flagship for the Hiigaran fleet and is commanded by Karan Sjet. Its hull defense guns protect it from light strikecraft attacks. It contains construction arrays that are capable of building from scout ships to frigate sized ships. Classification : Mothership Purpose : Fleet command Mass : 3,000,000 tons Speed : 40 m/s Hyperdrive : Far jump Armaments: 12 Hull Defence Guns SHIPtember Stats: Height: 100 Studs (exactly!!!) Time: 5 Days (17/08 to 22/08) for LDD design, 4 Days (31/08 to 03/09) for real brick construction Pieces: Around 2760 SHIPtember Pride of Hiigara by dorian glacet, sur Flickr SHIPtember Pride of Hiigara by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Pride of Hiigara by dorian glacet, sur Flickr For those who wish to build it, here the .lxf file for LDD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xwykw6xoxfh61hj/Pride_of_hiigara.lxf?dl=0
  14. Hello there, here is my latest moc, a more than 100 studs long spaceship, the cayman class battlecruiser. Cayman class name is due to his shape, looking like a cyaman's head. By visiting the flickr gallery, you'll be able to see WIP pictures of this moc, showing technics used to build it. IMG_9608 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr IMG_9607 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr IMG_9609 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr
  15. dglacet

    [MOC] Hazardous experiments

    Thanks a lot everybody. This theme continues to inspire me. I think I'll make an other moc based on this, but later... for the moment i have something else in progress ;)