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    Wayne Manor Modular

    DarthKy shame this didn't get picked up, its a great model. Any chance of releasing instructions for sale for those that want to build this.
  2. spikesince1999

    MOC The Simpsons Android's Dungeon comic shop [LDD]

    I came across these this morning, thought you might be interested http://orionpax.de/23/index.php/showroom/gallery/53/The-Simpsons
  3. spikesince1999

    Fantasy Football - Premier League

    i just joined the league as Victorious Secret!
  4. spikesince1999

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    i've started bricklinking the bits i need for this, should hopefully have it built in the next month.
  5. spikesince1999

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    how about a court room, church or gym?! all very different but still relevant in todays society maybe the gym option doesn't provide a great sense from the architecture point of view but certainly the other two options are still operating in old buildings.
  6. spikesince1999

    [MOC] Abandoned Factory Modular

    Great idea, well executed. Did you just build this freestyle with bricks you had or design it first? any further pics of the inside of the building?
  7. spikesince1999

    MOC modular building under construction (LDD)

    Brilliant model love this design. Any plans to build this or make the LDD available for others to build?