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  1. Jarren

    Help with Lego piece

    Hi Marcus, here's something I just came up with that seems to work pretty well. I used a 98313 and got one end of the clip behind the tile. I then pressed on the inside of the arm out toward the wall of the engine part. It acts as a lever and pries the tile away very easily.
  2. Jarren

    [MOC] Crash Bandicoot

    Scratch all of that. I figured out how to make that work! I’ll be updating my ideas project soon. Thanks for the nudge!
  3. Jarren

    [MOC] Crash Bandicoot

    Thanks! Yeah, the ratchet joints do limit the leg motion unfortunately. It was a tough tradeoff between flexibility, stability, and overall look. The large ball joints can't support the model even though it offers the most flexibility. If I were to put the socket portion of the ratchets on the torso instead of on the legs, that would result in the legs being too close or too far apart, ruining the proportions of the model. What I really need is LEGO to create this part with 3 studs instead of 2 between the sockets. I might play around with this a bit more, as I agree, a running pose would look great. I just wanted to make sure I could nail down a stable model suitable to be potentially made into an official set first.
  4. Jarren

    Green Screen Colour Help

    The reason why a filmmaker would choose blue over green is kind of interesting, often coming down to the setting the shot, or time of day the shot is intended to be taking place. Another consideration is to avoid having similar colors to the chroma key chosen. That said, I think that Bright Green would work best for the green screen effect. They come in 1x2 bricks and 1x2x2 bricks. Standard blue would work well too.
  5. Crash Bandicoot has been a videogame icon for over two decades. The orange marsupial jumped, smashed, and spun his way onto the Playstation when I was a kid, and I have loved the character ever since. I remember spending hours playing through all three original games, as well as getting friends together to play Crash Bash and Crash Team Racing. Crash features 27 points of articulation, including a swiveling waist, adjustable ears, and tweakable eyebrows. While Crash is very flexible, he is also quite sturdy. This is thanks to a carefuly selected choice of joint elemenents ranging from socket click hinges to large and small ball joints. The part count for Crash rings up at exactly 800 elements! Thank you for taking the time to check out my model! If you would like to see more photos, I have them up on my Flickr page. If you would like to see this potentially become an official LEGO Set, please support my project on LEGO Ideas.
  6. After a year of thought, weeks of work, and a failed debut at Brickworld Chicago 2017, I am proud to finally be able to share this creation. Inspired by M. C. Escher's "Waterfall", watch as a stream of crystals flow upstream and cascade back down. My ideas for this project began to swirl around in my head a couple weeks before Brickworld 2016. The idea of manipulating small particles in a GBC like fashion sounded like an interesting challenge, and a fountain or flowing water affect seemed like the best approach. While at the one of the stores in Chicago, I saw an open case of Trans-Blue Rock 1 x 1 Jewel 24 Facet. Obviously the logical conclusion was to go ahead and purchase about 4-5 cups of the stuff! The trickiest part of working with such as small element is avoiding ways for them to get stuck in the mechanisms. The elements that made the whole thing work were also the bane of its existence! Trial and error, and identifying pinch points was the key. The entire model is ran off of two Power Functions L-Motors, one at the base, and one on the 3rd ladder from the top. Each ladder is connected to each other through 40t gears, to ensure even transfer of power. I step away for one minute and look who I find fooling about in the fountain! Thanks for taking a look at my model, I hope you enjoyed it!
  7. So I just stumbled across this and thought I would try it on my Mac. In order to do it you have to do a "Show Contents" on the LDD application, then the .ini file is under Contents>Resources>preferences.ini In my case the file was empty, and permissions prevented me from editing the existing one. So I had to make a new .ini file with the "DeveloperMode=1" line in TextEdit and replace it the file. All of the shortcuts work as @Zero (Zblj) described, but interestingly the collision prevention is still enabled. Anybody else with a Mac able to successfully disable collisions?
  8. This is super awesome! Might actually push me over the edge to actually buy an EV3 kit one of these days. It would also be sweet if they brought this over to the Mac for development with Xcode.
  9. It does not come with the education software license. The edu software is slightly different from the free commercial software available here: http://www.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/downloads/download-software The only issue is that the starter models and guides between the two are different, but there are plenty of other resources available online. The edu software also has a few extra features I think, but nothing that is a must have.
  10. Did a clean install of 10.10.4 a week ago for an unrelated reason. Installed LDD and everything runs fine, files save, GUI doesn't have any problems. Not sure what changed, but working for me. rMBP late 2013.
  11. Jarren

    What is Lego Worlds?

    I wasn't able to get a good look at the brick building, but it looks like it was primarily basic studs on top bricks. Everything is static as well, other than vehicles and animals.
  12. Jarren

    What is Lego Worlds?

    Holy crap. My coworker and I downloaded it over lunch. Takes all the enjoyment about property building from Lego universe, the open world of mine craft, and it's own unique landscaping tools, and mashes them together to make something magical. For an alpha the procedural generation is impressive. It's character and model collection is limited, but had endless room for growth.
  13. Still doesn't seem to work for me, even with the workaround. Not sure if it is because I am still on the public beta program or not.
  14. Jarren

    Collectable Minifigure Online Codes

    All my codes have been given out, apologies.
  15. Jarren

    Collectable Minifigure Online Codes

    Now just have carpenter and Egyptian.