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  1. raven1280

    Reproduction Sails on ebay?

    Yeah I've been tempted to order some.
  2. raven1280

    Reproduction Sails on ebay?

    Anyone try these out? How do they compare to originals? Ebay Auction
  3. raven1280

    WIP Nasa Train

    Heres the NASA train I've been wroking on. Still need a few more parts and I'm not 100% sure about some areas yet but I thought I'd share whats done so far. Theres alot of SNOT going on with this build. Lego Nasa Train by James Dale, on Flickr Heres the inspiration Lego Nasa Train by James Dale, on Flickr
  4. raven1280

    TTUX Flat Car

    When I get some more black plates I may try to make it sit lower on the wheels.
  5. raven1280

    TTUX Flat Car

    The original only has a 2 wheel setup. If i were to extend the 2 wheel setup any farther I would have to make the trucks swivel which presents another issue. Right now the wheels are at the farthest distance apart while still being able to navigate through connected switch tracks without binding up. .
  6. raven1280

    TTUX Flat Car

    Heres the inspiration And here is my MOC IMG_20151205_133903 by James Dale, on Flickr IMG_20151205_133252 by James Dale, on Flickr
  7. raven1280

    Difference between 2924a and 2924b?

    WOW can't believe I missed that! Thanks.
  8. Can someone post pics of the difference between 2924a and 2924b? The BrickLink catalog doesn't have a description of the variation between the two parts.
  9. raven1280

    WIP Leviathan type 4-4-0

    Here is my current work in progress. It is inspired by SavaTheAggie's model with some changes. I was able to design the front wheels so that they are attached and was successfully able to get them to track through switches. Through the uses of two turntables the wheels are able to move freely as needed. Still need to get some red tiles to replace the gray. I plan to hide the IR receiver in the tender and place the battery box in a mailcar behind the tender.
  10. So building a motorized 4-8-2 steam engine that would navigate points has proven to be the hardest things I've ever tried to build. I scrapped my plans and decided to build a modified steam Emerald Night. Shes a 4-8-2 just like I originally envisioned. I plan to use this steam train for my modern 7715. Sorry for the poor cell phone pics and video. http://vid166.photob...0309_191710.mp4
  11. raven1280

    MOC/MOD Blue Bonnet SantaFe with B unit

    Added Power Functions battery box and IR receiver to the B unit and motors to both the B unit and the engine. I had to remove the dark blue gray tiles to get everything to look right and rework the roof the fit the IR in the B unit. I like the look of the engine now. The addition of the yellow tile adds to the curve of the yellow line. I know its small but it seems to make a big differences to me.
  12. raven1280

    MOC (LDD) - HSL1832

    I like them alot!
  13. raven1280

    MOC cow transport car

    Thanks Great idea.
  14. raven1280

    MOC cow transport car

    Much like my giraffe car I have created a cow transport car. I felt the cars in 60052 were to small and didn't like the open design. So heres my version.