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  1. TristanLoganLoki

    Custom Xmen

    close this please
  2. TristanLoganLoki

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    I brought The Hulk, Black Widow and im really happy with them. I got them as a last resort as to buying the figs on there ow would cost nearly £30 so I saved quite abit from doing that. I will be getting the fantastic 4 now as well as The Thing is a big figure
  3. TristanLoganLoki

    Custom Xmen

    Toad Bishop Blob Pyro (Side View) Pyro (Straight on) Ice-Man Harry Osborn (Spider-Man 3 on Glider) Harry Osborn (Spider-Man 3 Glider view) Jean Grey Will be making a few more this coming week
  4. TristanLoganLoki

    Mystique from X-Men

    What body did you use?What torso and head did you usE?
  5. TristanLoganLoki

    Quicksilver from X-Men

    What body did you use?
  6. TristanLoganLoki

    Sarertooth and Mystique Custom X-men HELP?

    That is sweet!! Ive added one or two more of my other customs
  7. TristanLoganLoki

    Custom Xmen

    Havok Sunspot Avalanche (Based on Xmen Evolution) Juggernaut (Please dont mention the eyes :( I cant do eyes:(....Not very happy with this as the paint I was using went abit funny on it)
  8. TristanLoganLoki

    Any ideas how to make Bobby/Ice man from X-men?

    w.e. all I wanted was information or hints how you can make iceman....
  9. TristanLoganLoki

    Custom Xmen

    William Stryker based on Days of Futures Past version Viper based on her appearance in the Wolverine Viper is loaded
  10. TristanLoganLoki

    Any ideas how to make Bobby/Ice man from X-men?

    Why dont you just keep yourself to yourself? There is no harm in asking a question.....
  11. TristanLoganLoki

    Custom Xmen

    Cool thanks, mine came with a Leia dresed in Endor clothing so just thought it was that, thanks for that :)
  12. TristanLoganLoki

    Any ideas how to make Bobby/Ice man from X-men?

    No harm in asking for advice
  13. TristanLoganLoki

    Any ideas how to make Bobby/Ice man from X-men?

    Thanks for the advice
  14. TristanLoganLoki

    Custom Xmen

    Blink's head is I think Star Wars Leia Endor set, but I painted the pattern and eyes on. Here is a link to the head Warpath's body is from bootleg superhero set, but what you see is actually the back. I couldnt decide which way to have it, link for the body Only got the body as I couldnt find a better one. Thank you for your comments, working on Pyro, Iceman, Bishop, Viper, Avalanche, Toad, Stryker, Jean Grey, Harry Osborn (Spiderman3) and Juggernaut (Which will be a bigger fig than normal lego, but 100% made from lego, just painted) Also, I painted parts of Blinks hair, as I looked at the movie pictures and seems not to be full "Purple" When I did the eyes for Blink I thought it would take me ages, as I thought Id mess them up. However, did them first time.