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  1. theman4090

    [SoNE Episode V] Deporting the Natives

    thanks :) sorry about the photos, I didn't have my camera ready.
  2. theman4090

    SoNE Contest Episode V: Secret Plans

    Indeed. Come on Rebels!
  3. True, they might be, but wouldn't he send some admiral, like Thrawn? Guards are, as the name suggests, most likely meant to guard people, and I doubt Ewoks present a threat to Vader.
  4. I banned my little cousins, after they pushed Star wars Slave 1, Republic frigate, lego city airport, garbage truck and harbour off of my shelf. Needless to say, they regretted it when they lost all their pocket money, no more LEGO for two months (except B-days and Christmas) and a scolding. It was obvious they did it on purpose, since they were laughing, and ran up to the shelf to push it off. I guess it was just kids being kids.
  5. theman4090

    [SoNE Episode V] Endor Construction Site

    Nice! I love the mini AT-ATs, it's a nice continuation of the last one! Great work, now the landing pad is underway, and we can finally get close to building the bunker, that gets destroyed later on by Rebel and Ewok scum.
  6. theman4090

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Phase II Commander Wolffe, Fox and Cody
  7. theman4090

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Bossks ship, Hounds Tooth:
  8. Not to be picky about the picture, but what are the Royal Guard doing there? They only served the Emperor, and I see no reason why Vader would need (or want) two Royal Guards
  9. theman4090

    [SoNE Episode V] The Invasion begins

    Wow, that's really nice! Those Ewok scum better watch out, they're no match for the Empire! (Episode 6 notwithstanding)
  10. theman4090

    [SoNE Ep. V] Uprooted

    Wow, this looks really awesome! I like it, ALOT!
  11. theman4090

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Boba Fett with printed legs and arms. (Yes, I know we have one, but he's old and outdated. We also have one with printed Legs, but no printed arms. Waaahhhh.)
  12. theman4090

    [SoNE Episode V] Deporting the Natives

    Thanks for the feedback. The speeder was literally just made with a few pieces from the Nightspeeder, and container from the LEGO City Cargo ship. The rest of the build was really just a last minute one, the bigger and better build I had planned kinda fell off my shelf *glares at dogs* Anyway, thanks for the feedback. BTW, your build was awesome! Long live the Empire!
  13. theman4090

    [SoNE Episode V] Deporting the Natives

    Heh, thanks for the feedback.
  14. theman4090

    [SoNE Episode V] Deporting the Natives

    1. Yeah, I only had limited time :) 2. Well, the Empire never viewed them as a threat, so makes sense to take 'em alive :)
  15. theman4090

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I want Jango Fetts Slave 1. Nothing more, nothing less :(