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  1. 2 minutes ago, Sariel said:

    Yes. There's not much room inside a turntable once you put a gear inside it for driving.

    No need to have any cable/wires going through it.  The lower chassis has a battery and an Sbrick with 4 functions.  The upper structure has 2 battery and 2 Sbrick for 8 functions.  Everything is separated. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Sariel said:

    Well... rotating a heavily loaded turntable from the inside is not a good solution in my experience. And I suspect you'll need some cables going through it, too.

    I do agree don't get me wrong. I'll try this first and see. 


    Why cables? All the cables for lifting and extending the main boom are in the upper structure. Or you mean PF motors cables? Sorry....

  3. 7 minutes ago, Sariel said:

    I'm afraid the turntable you've picked is going to cost you a lot of trouble. It has significantly more friction that the newer 60-teeth turntable and in your project it's not supported in any way, so it has to handle the entire superstructure all on its own.

    Not really. The new turntable can only be rotate from the outside and that's not an option for me. Also my upper structure will have wheels to help rotate so it's not actually unsupported. But time will tell....there is always room for improvements. 


  4. Hi guys,


    I've added a couple of more images to my bricksafe folder to show some progress. I've also phisically built the drivetrain with all the 7 axles and started building the chassis. No photos yet as I'm waiting for an order of parts to arrive first.


    Here the link as usual:

    The 2 main boom pistons are fantastic and I was able to make them relatively slim using a technique I believe never used before. Will reveal more details next post. 



  5. 15 hours ago, I_Igor said:

    @TheItalianBrick Forklift looks great... I did not notice tread on EB dedicated to it, so if you have more work in progress images it would be nice to see them

    You mean more work in progress images of the crane? The Forklift is a 2016 MOC that I've completed and all the images are in my bricksafe folder Igor. 

    6 hours ago, bonox said:

    Looks brilliant. Same with the colour selection. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

    Thanks a lot. 

  6. 36 minutes ago, I_Igor said:

    First you have posted great solution for leaf spring based suspension and now this; honestly I don't know which of this two projects is better. I really like how it started and I'm looking forward to se how it looks build in real life.

    Thanks Igor. Feel free to have a look at my other MOCs on my bricksafe page (link in my signature)

    34 minutes ago, grego18f said:

    Very interesting project! I love the progress so far. I kind of miss the front lights... 

    Will you be using the 62.4x20 wheels (my deduction)? 

    Keep up the good work! 

    Front lights will be added as stickers to be honest. And yes 62.4 wheels. 

    33 minutes ago, Jeroen Ottens said:

    Looking very promising indeed :wub:

    Thanks Jeroen!!!

  7. In the past 2 months I've been working on a mobile crane.  I initially started with the Liebherr 1350-6.1 but then decided to add another axle and go for the 1400-7.1 

    For reference I'm attaching an image of the Felbermayr livery I'm going for. I think blue is a nice alternative to the usual "yellow" technics mocs/cranes!

    image share

    Some of the features:

    • integrated pneumatic suspensions (currently this crane can run both on pneumatics or normal shock absorbers)
    • 7 solid axles of which 6 are steered and 5 are driven
    • studded design (although the axles themselves are built in studless technique) 
    • as many details as possible (I haven't completed this MOC yet so at this stage there is room for adding more)
    • decals/stickers where needed
    • 2 or 3 Sbricks (1 in the carrier and 1or 2 in the upper structure)
    • 2 L motor for driving
    • 1 L motor for steering
    • 1 M motor to extend the outriggers 
    • 1 M motor with autovalve to lower/raise the outriggers pneumatics. 

    At the moment only the carrier has been completed digitally, upper structure to follow


    The chassis itself it's a 5 studs tall/thick and should provide enough rigidity.   


    As you can see the outriggers take quite a lot of space, both driving and steering shafts had to go either below or above them!

    upload pictures




    Here a view of all the axles: currently showing pneumatic pumps but given how much they cost I've decided to use standard shock absorbers



    More renders. 



    hosting images online


    image sharing sites free



    Hope you've enjoyed this. Will start building it soon hoping everything goes smooth! Then will develop the upper structure and share more images. 


    Cheers, TheItalianBrick! 

  8. I've decided to contribute adding my leaf springs axles used on the MAN TGS. 

    They are all driven and steered. 19 studs wide (same scale as the Arocs for reference)


    This is true leaf springs set up, requires no shock absorbers and works amazingly. On the rear tandem I was able to put a load of 1.8 KG and compression was around 90%. So perfect for heavy duty trucks. 

    The front axles don't have an ackerman geometry but they do steer at different angles! 

    If anyone can help on how to attach the Studio and LDD files I'd be happy to provide them.









  9. 1 hour ago, M_longer said:

    Oh, they can. But first you will have to make them in Ldraw, then import to

    I have generated these pumps in MLCad (you have to open specific .dat file in the MLCad), then imported to for making a rendered image:


    Ldraw file: pumps.ldr file:

    The most intriguing thing about is that it does recognize and use subparts for making a pump etc, but they can't be accesed trough's menu on the left.



    Great M_longer, thanks a lot!

  10. 59 minutes ago, T Lego said:

    You can add pneumatic hoses and bend them. If you sort on 'shapes' you can find category 'flexible'. They are listed there in all sorts of lenghts.


    You are a star, thanks again!



    2 minutes ago, johnnym said:


    I think for the small shock absorbers you can do that in Studio by using the distinct shock absorber parts available. I haven't checked, but maybe there are also distinct parts available for the pneumatic cylinder?


    it doesn't show distinct parts unfortunately :(

  11. 7 minutes ago, T Lego said:

    I have this issue sometimes as well. I handle it by clicking on the part that won't snap, hovering your mouse on the wrench icon and then clicking the 3 arrows Icon. Now you can move the part over it's 3 axes and move to the desired location.

     Perfect, thanks a lot! And regarding the extension of the inner section of the pneumatic cylinder, can it be done? or is the part seen as just one object and can't be modified?

  12. Hi everyone, while working on my next MOC I've decided to start using Studio instead of LDD. I'm not a Studio expert yet and so far I've imported part of my MOC but I'm having problem at snapping a pneumatic small cylinder. On the left side you can see the interference between the peg connector and pneumatic part. While on the right side I can easily snap a pneumatic pump! Does anyone know or could please help me understand how to sort this out please? Also is there a way to extend/slide out the inner section of the pneumatic cylinder? 






  13. I love Lego, who doesn't after all! 

    And easy to say each of us has, at least once, dreamt of designing an official Lego set.  I work for JLR, JaguarLandRover and I'm a car designer (the real deal!) but I'm also a huge Lego fan and technic builder since the age of 3.   


    A while back my design director, knowing I am a Lego fan, asked me if I wanted to support a special project, collaborating with Lego. I wasn't sure of what I would be working on but since it involved Lego I did accept the work without hesitation.  Working on the real Defender is already a privilege, but working on a Lego version of it was a dream coming true! My role was to help Samuel and Milan (Lego Technic designers) with getting the proportions of the car right. They were fantastic while working around it and it was very inspiring for me to meet them in person. They even complimented my Lego Hyster Forklift.  I'm not an official Lego designer by any mean, but I know there is a bit of me in that set indeed....


    Hope you enjoy them both, real and Lego version of it! 




  14. 19 hours ago, Lucio Switch said:

    Maybe you can do it easily, me not for sure!:laugh:

    I have difficulty to figure out how it could be possible considering the weight that should be added and the momentum that it will generate. But I would be very happy to be proven wrong.


    Lucio I'm sure you can!  Put things this way: with a 5X5 section I was able to create a 3 stage boom! Yours is a 7X5? There is lot of room for a 3rd stage boom plus a JIB with 1-2 stages! The problem is the weight! It will be very heavy and that's when you'll probably need LA instead of Pneumatics.  


    I've started working on mine again so hopefully soon will be able to show my crane

  15. 4 hours ago, Dafgek81 said:

    There are only two and only two things I think are wrong on this truck. The first is that the crane only extends one time, would be better if it where more. The second is why so big?? And so many parts? You raised the bar so high it's almost impossible for me to get enough parts to build it, but I want it!!!! It is awesome, great, beautiful, the eighth wonder of the world!!!!


    Hi Lucio,

    The Italian brick made a Cormach crane in 2015, would this one fit this truck to? That one extends multiple times and has a fourth arm section also. It is not as sleekly build as yours, but I love all the moving sections. He says it works fine also, but haven't seen finished versions since.



    My crane is in a smaller scale indeed. Lucio knows what he is doing, although I would say he can easily improve his crane by adding one more extension and the JIB t it. Nonetheless great model Lucio. 


    Here some ref:

  16. LDD of at least suspension would be cool :)

    BTW: There's enought space to put 2x XL motors on sides I think? Well, 2xXL + SBrick = quite fast truck :)

    suspensions are clearly visible in some pics. But won't be sharing the LDD at the moment.

    given the hidden functions (pneumatic compressor, autovalve, motorized pneumatic switch) there is no space for 2 XL motors. There could be only if the other functions weren't there. this trucks are not meant to go fast anyway. And it climbs well with the 8X8 drive anyway...

    Like this truck very much! Both the colour theme and the chassis construction. But can not admin that's is a disproportion for my opinion: original cabin is lower and wider than yours. Do you agree?

    Thanks, no I don't agree unfortunately. It seems in the pictures probably but in reality it's very accurate. I could say the cabin is 1 stud too high but it's needed anyway to allocate the battery and all the things going on inside of it.

  17. what I mean is a lot of asking for tips and suggestuion on how to make things...but probably would make more sense if you first build then show pics and ask suggestions on how to improve it?!

    Anyway looking at the pics I don't like the suspensions set up at all...with suck a big scale it's so easy to make what's going on in real why not? I do have leafspring suspensions and all axle driven in a smaller scale....