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    [MOC] Dump Truck 8x8

    Absolutely wonderful like any of your creation Lucio! Thanks for sharing this with us! Looks amazing under any point of view (my only critic would on the axle setub that's just "wrong" and not like the real one) but regardless you've made another stunning MOC!!!! Please this truck needs a front snow plow!!!!!
  2. TheItalianBrick

    Virtual Truck Build

    LOL that's fine then...he doesn't know how to build :grin: I'm only joking! So what truck will it be then?
  3. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] LaFerrari hypercar 1:9

    Not much I can say as these sort of infos are part of the "professional secrecy".....even tho this car has been launched on the market! I just worked on the rear and mostly on the interiors. All design works of course...
  4. TheItalianBrick

    Virtual Truck Build

    So Ryan as I've followed this since the beginning I'm curious to see how it evolves! Not sure about the suspensions choices....front indipendent and the rear ones don't convince me either But it looks nice all together...really can't wait for the cabin! Are you making something that exists in real life? or will be a generic truck?
  5. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] LaFerrari hypercar 1:9

    Simply impressive and stunning! i think what this MOC deserves are 2 RC motors!!! But even now it's amazing!! Great job as usual Brunojj1! Small note: I did work on this project...I mean the real one!!
  6. TheItalianBrick

    Ultra Small Forklift - Muravi

    It's been a while since I had fun watching a video and being pleased with a MOC!! Thanks for bringing us this wonderful little creature!! Loved the video so much! And yes small can be "MORE" than bigger models...
  7. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] Dump Truck

    Hi, over all not bad but I struggle with the idea of having a gearbox. Why not simply using the 3rd motor to tip the bed? Also I think there is too much "arocs 42043" in this MOC.... The chassis looks a bit fragile and "empty" (you can clearly see it under the engine looking trough the wheelarches, and in the rear where the tipping bed meets the chassis it's just too empty) I did enjoy the video!
  8. TheItalianBrick

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Great to see Effe you're working on such a beauty!! The chassis it's simply a piece of art! You know what? you should paint the rims in white!!!
  9. TheItalianBrick

    Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Technic in 2017

    My answer is: something like 8455 back hoe or a forklift! I mean a fork lift it's fairly easy to do and could easily have 4 RC functions like 42030!
  10. TheItalianBrick

    [HELP] Building a Truck

    The anser is: try! Build it...if it doesn't work then you have a starting point for a development..... Post pics of the WIP so we can suggest better. But you need to start building in order to have answers
  11. TheItalianBrick

    [HELP] Building a Truck

    How would you balance the body without shock absorbers? you could use pneumatic cylindres maybe Bytheway they are pendular axles....
  12. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] Iveco Stralis 4x4 Trailer truck LPE I-6

    I don't fully agree with this because thinking of a studless design then makes more sense to use axles. Yes plates works very well...but if you have a look at my MAN you'll see there is not much space for plates at that scale....and still the leafsprings work super well!
  13. TheItalianBrick

    WIP Oshkosh 10x10 PLS

    Another monster my friend!!! Looks epic! I think I would like to see this with less colors involved...I mean I do prefer cleaner models...but nontheless this is really good...and MASSIVE!!!! Please Zblj if you have a cat could you put it on the flatbed?? :laugh:
  14. TheItalianBrick

    Caterpillar 390F + Tow Haul

    ...or unless you design it properly Looks like the trailer is only one studs thick, just creating a frame of 3 studs height would make it way stronger and with a mimimun bend..
  15. TheItalianBrick

    Caterpillar 390F + Tow Haul

    Really nice. I think you should dedicate more time to a MOC, it always looks like you can't wait to show us but by doing so you miss some details. Nevertheless good stuff! How many pump cylindres have you used? The trailer has so much bending :cry_sad: These things are likely to get nowhere on LEGO IDEAS.
  16. TheItalianBrick

    Potential Questions for LEGO Designers

    PNEUMATICS PARTS As flagship models are growing up in size don't you feel the need for longer pneumatic cylindres? PF ELEMENTS Will micro motors appear again? Don't you think some models would be better if those where used in them?
  17. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    they only deform when flexed...and them come back to their normal shape....they axles are 5 studs lenght...hard to bend anyway! infact if you want to soften it you just need to use longer axles! Different situation at the rear where a 9 studs axle is this case there is more bend...but again not too visible!
  18. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    these leafsprings work perfectly! No issues whatsoever, it takes a bit of experience to set up a good flex between when the truck is loaded/unloaded. To explain you how it works: the flex it's given by the 5 and a 5.5. axle connected with a #4 connector....these 2 axles plus the connector get the same shape of a leafspring when not loaded....if I load the truck the will star resistance! Simple as in the reality! Cheers, yes basically in italian you would say that! :) Thanks man! Hope one day I'll buildi this one too!
  19. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    Thanks Lucio! appreciate your kind words! One day I'll make an Iveco Stralis at this park next your amazing one!! The reason why is heavy it's simply: the truck is filled up with 5 motors, 2 IR receivers, batter box, switches, pumps, valves, air tank, and then the chassis itself had to be reinforced in order not to bend! But good thing I keep everything clean and sleek! For the steering have a look at the pics! Thanks very much! Thanks one more time!! Some pics:
  20. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    And thanks for your kind words as well!! Well if I don't make instructions I'll share the LDD file so everybody can build it and understand better how everything is made and works! Probably the chassis/suspensions at the moment it's what everybody is waiting for :blush: So tell me, when do you consider a model heavy? I always struggle with this....I mean this truck is around 3,5 KG with crane and tipping bed....and I know 1 L motor is just ok but 2 would be better. I was thinking of doing MAN TGX 5 axles to pull a low bed with something on this case I would have 2 XL.... How much your models weights more or less?
  21. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    Yes will be very similar! It won't be all those things together.....maybe I'll do a snow plow version with salt spreader About the driving motor I'm not happy with only one L motor but it was a wise choice in order to keep the chassis lower and to create space for the compressor. About the front axles: one suggestion is to avoid using UV joint to connect them two....this doesn;t happen in real life...why people insist on doing this mistake in Lego?! The secret is to follow what happens in real life and re-produce it with lego my MAN has leafsprings and no use at all of shock absorber!! The cabin is actually 16 studs, the front grill 17 and the wheelarches 18. I know this sounds crazy....but if you look at the white 13 beam under the windscreen it has two 3L white beams attached at each side, but on top view these beams have almost a 45 degree angle to make the cabin more round (less flat) so this trick gives the cabin a 16 (actually 16.5) studs width instead of 17! Will take a pic of this detail aswell!
  22. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    Ok guys, today coming back home I had a look at the model and I think the problem it's just given by the way I took photos (maybe wrong lenses-zoom- 35mm) but to me the model looks very good...not tall at all! So what I'll do is to show you some comparison double check with blueprints and if then there is some changes to do I'll try to apply them where possible! Also I'll try to take different photos hopefully will show it how it really is! And some more pics of the chassis, axles and steering system are on the way! Thanks so far for all the positive comments and also helpful opinions given by all of you!
  23. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    hey 2Lego it's great to have more opinion (and your's means a lot to me) and I'm sure I'll find out what's wrong with the cabin...then solve it! Yes the crane goes behind the cabin and then there is a tipping most of truck like this does! But I'm planning different combos with different attachments!
  24. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    Thanks both guys! Eventually I'll re-work a bit the cabin! Soon to show more pics!
  25. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] Kalmar 180-9

    As I love heavy forklift I can only say this is wonderfully executed! Tidy and works well!! I also like the mix between studless and sudded design! Well done!!!