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  1. Very coool!!!! Question: MINI is it only in term of number of pieces used, or also dimensions matter?? Anyway....can't wait to start designing it!! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
  2. TheItalianBrick

    Caterpillar 7495

    Stunning! Love it and love all these little details!!! Now VIDEO!!!!!
  3. TheItalianBrick

    Half-Track Drivetrain

    It will be cool! Love half truck! About the ratio only you need to consider is the diameter of the wheel that has to be similar with the height of the tracks, the closer the better. then if you want to get something crazy you must got for a double clutch system, therfor you won;t need any middle differential. The tricky part will be to calibrate the speed of the left and right tracks according with the steering whells. for istance a servo that while steering actuatues the 2 clutches! this way you will get a good ratio! if you won't do it, then I'll do it!!
  4. TheItalianBrick

    Axles and torque

    A good trick could be to fix the XL motors with some shock absorber in order to let the torque be dissipated trough the springs. that means you are not loosing power, you are simply releasing it in a different way! it may save your axles from twisting.
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    Your Best Technic Bargains

    42009 for 107£ 42006 for 36£ 9398 for 105£ All new...last week!!!! after the discounts they all went up by 30%!!!
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    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Cool. very good software! Keep the good work up then!!
  7. TheItalianBrick

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Efferman which software do you use for modelling? Is it Catia V5?
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    Generic Contest Discussion

    Jim is wise!! :grin:
  9. TheItalianBrick

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Yes but I'm working on 7 huges won't be easy to get the time for another one LOL
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    Generic Contest Discussion

    Oh thanks Jim. Hope I'll be able to be part of it!!! :tongue: :tongue:
  11. TheItalianBrick

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Lol. Anyway... i tried to read all the comments but it's hard....specially when boss is around the office lol....could you please make a little summer for me and for all these members who might read this topic too? Thanksssssssssssss
  12. TheItalianBrick

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Hello guys, is this competition still open? What's the final submission date eventually?
  13. This is the case where size doesn't matter! I mean looks huge, sure, but nothing special. I simply voted it as average. It's indeed to early to judge it.....once I'll build it I'll be able to say something more. So far looks like the front it's "sorry we didn't have the time to complete it", The front buchet arms looks so fragile, where in reality it's probably one of the strongest metal part you can find on such a big loader! As technical development looks very poor compared with the 42009, therefor the price it's not worth. Even to assembly it won't take it more then 4 hours I guess! I'll buy a couple of sets as I always do, but I'm not expecting too much from what they call "big daddy" of this year!
  14. TheItalianBrick

    Help Needed Please

    Oh no worries mate! I do understand you, but if you were quite close I would have done it anyway! if I'm not wrong you are in cambridgeshire right? what a shame! But yeah what else I can do feel free to ask!!
  15. TheItalianBrick

    Finished MOC SL Gabon STANTUG 4011

    Insane!! Simply surreal. Love it as hell.....what a great amazing job on it!!! Keep us dreaming now.....thanks!!!!!
  16. TheItalianBrick

    Help Needed Please

    Hello mate, where do you live exactly? if not far I can show up and help you with it. How does it sounds? Just let me know!
  17. at my parent's house I still have kilos of old school lego! Was thinking to ship them here to UK and use them!! I can someone get rid of them??? they are first of all memories, the are the "brick" of our childwood..... WE DIDN'T BUILD THEM, THEY BUILT US!!
  18. TheItalianBrick

    Unimog U4000

    I see Unimog everywhere! :laugh: But definitely a nice one! looks well done and well executed. Not sure about the "unofficial" LEGO parts, simply cos I personally would like to keep it LEGO. But yeah great job!
  19. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] Zastava 101

    I'm in love with it!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!
  20. TheItalianBrick

    Problem with LLD

    Beaver thanks, I did download SR 3D, actually designed by Sergio, but it only runs on Windows as far as I know, Would be nice to use it with my mac. Anywya as I have both I'll give it a try! Actually I was thinking to import all the briks into Catia V5 (for those who know what I'm talking about) and build my moc, test it and even stress it with weight loaded (first moc is gonna be a.....OH WAIT....not gonna tell you right now LOL!) Anyway I;ll see how it goes now with LDD first of all, cos I can still design it with LDD some parts and then build them with real bricks to see if gears works properly! Thanks, Andrea
  21. Hi ya everybody! I'm new here. First of all I would like to introduce myself as huge fan of LEGO TECHNIC since 27 years so far. Been building tower cranes, cranes, trucks and all the heavy building vehicle you can image! In the other hand being a real car designer it helps me at giving bit of style to every model I do, and nontheless I always try to keep the model as tidy as I can. Now, I decided to "refurbish" myself and get a bit more modern by using the LLD software. Reason being is living in the Internet era would be nice to share my projects with all the other LEGO fans on here. Plus I would like to create huge massive model that in realty would be tricky to realize. Downloaded, installed ...3.....2....1...go! FAIL. OK...let me say....I use on a regular basis software for 3D modeling, but this DDL looks a bit weird, it could be done in better way. First attempt: a differential case with 3 gears inside; ok for the first two gears....why can't I connect the third one? as you see in the pics the gear is transparent, it means it's not gonna snap to it's pin... where am I wrong? what should I do? Please help me...and I'll promise you day after day I'll get it better.....till the day you will see some nice mocs, (hopefully) :tongue:
  22. TheItalianBrick

    Problem with LLD

    Ok guys thanks all! I did put the third gear actually, but now I would like to rotate them all simulating a bit of movements/animations! That would be a nice tip to go on with! Zblj thanks very much for you time and consideration as well, although an answer written here could be useful for other users as well. For big issues I'll definitely contact you!
  23. TheItalianBrick

    Problem with LLD

    Lol sorry for the mistake!! what a bad start then! Allright...I'll give it another try! Hopefully this time I'll succeed! feeling like a beginner! :cry_sad: :cry_sad: :blush: :blush: Ok done it!! But now if I rotate one axle the other gears don't follow can I make it move all together? Should I use the hinge tool but how? I use it for rotating one axle and of course it's gear...but what about the other attached gears to it? :cry_sad: Thanks for any helps guys and sorry for the slow start!