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  1. Saw it today and honestly without spoiling it... I don't really think there is much for LEGO to work with There really isn't much I can see that they could've done to a reasonable scale, apart from the Quinjet which does have a strong plot point in the movie and as mentioned an "enemy" ship (think Star Wars A-wing) to go along side it. Either that or perhaps a small battle/fight scene from the beginning half of the movie but that wouldn't make for a decent build...
  2. Once you see the movie, the set they've released will make perfect sense... I would say I'm slightly disappointed by the lack of villains tho… A second set similar to what they did with black panther would've been enough. They could've even complimented the released set with a smaller one of an enemy ship... with Carol in her Kree green (a missed opportunity I think)
  3. I was thinking the same... There's nothing really stand out Movie wise from Marvel towards the end of the year, so I reckon this wave has purposefully been kept bland with the Basics and relatively spoiler free... With a 2nd Endgame wave coming out in the Winter/DVD time containing all the juicy bits that's been kept hidden, with missing figures/designs such as geared up Ronin and Cap in his original gear and perhaps time travel sets such as re-visiting the battle of New York...
  4. Kizmoz

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Warcraft as a whole would have huge potential and could produce numerous waves with endless development that could rival the Star Wars lines, the hardest part would be the starting off with such a wide choice... As you mentioned Location/buildings are the obvious ones but with so much lore and each faction having its own style,as a developer you'd be itching to dip into everything... from the gritty barbarian style of orcs, fantasy Avatar style elves to Oriental Pandaren… Orcs v Humans would be ideal but once that can of worms is opened... :p you've also got Dragons, Creatures, Mechs, Pirates, Siege Weapons, Spaceships, Ninjas, Demons, Monsters, Magic... and there's always the counter versions for each faction (then the races within those factions...) I could see it being very much like the LOTR sets but with so much more variety
  5. Kizmoz

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Thank you, I haven't yet attempted to re-submit it as I think they would pull it due to already having a licence to DC comics... (I have put it recently on Rebrickable for those interested) It does make me wonder how far that rule can be bent tho, as they haven't rejected some new project based on some Disney franchises (eg. Phineas & Ferb brickhead/Buzz Lightyear )... You could argue the DC range has purely been based on Comics or Movies and nothing on The CW shows which must still require some sort of additional licence (The CW for example) Without spoiling it too much, they do seem to pick new figs to coincide with what DC release or put in the spotlight... (which makes sense from a marketing point of view) Zoom/Reverse Flash + Killerfrost aren't just getting the limelight from the TV shows but also feature quiet heavily in the latest Suicide Squad animation Cheetah being heavily linked to being the next Wonder Woman Villain Firestorm getting a pretty strong story arc during the beginning the recent season of Legend You look at the last lot of new sets/figs we got were also in shows at the time... Titans + Blue Beatle (Titans v Justice League movie) Katana + Suicide Squad (Suicide Squad movie) Red Hood (Arkham Knight game) Here's hoping with the next Death of Superman movie we finally get a big fig Doomday :p
  6. Kizmoz

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    I wouldn't be quiet so sure... I do have a slight inkling that they are influenced by the TV shows and their growing fan base (likewise DC using LEGO for the extra promotion) and they're a good selling point when trying to jump off the "every set needs Batman" wave Prior to the rule changes, there was also a growing number of LEGO idea submissions based on the CW shows which would've got someone's cogs turning at TLG. My STAR Labs submission achieved 7500 supporters before it expired the other week, they'd be silly not to explore that interest with a licence they already have their fingers in
  7. Kizmoz

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    The Men in Black design is brilliant... it looks too big but squeezes in so much without overdoing it :)
  8. Kizmoz

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    There's defiantly gotta be more to come from the Infinity War sets... There's still a small roster of characters missing... Drax Loki Hulk (even though we have another Banner) Scarlet Witch Winter Soldier Nebula
  9. Kizmoz

    DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Likewise, would love to see the CW shows get some sets, they'd be pretty simple to make I'm sure they'd easily sell with all the publicity they get and the constant flow of new shows/characters branching out from them... (Black Lightening being the latest)
  10. Kizmoz

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    About time we get a bit more variety with the DC sets, nice to see that only one contains Batman and the rest are loaded with other characters :) I wonder if the submissions on LEGO Ideas for CW sets nudged TLG into creating Reverse Flash, Frost and Firestorm
  11. Kizmoz

    DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I think they've done a great job with the Wonder Woman set, considering with what they have to work with... The movie is based around a modern day War (one of the biggest). LEGO have stuck to their guns in refusing to depict modern day violence/war in their sets and with the exception of Themyscira, which lets face it wont work as a stand alone set for the movie... There isn't really anything else they could've gone with. The plane is pretty borderline for this and I'm guessing due to "flight" being a fairly new thing for this time period it is generically just a plane with a gun on top and not necessarily a war machine so to speak, where as the plane towards the end of the movie could be described as a machine built for war... I'm guessing Ares (apart from knowing he was involved) was a huge secret to be kept and that DC/WB had learnt from the Doomsday spoilers in BvS, I don't recall seeing anything at all in the build up to the movie's release that matched what was shown... they've also got to somehow make the set interesting enough to buy and considering how the fight played out a giant buildable figure was the right choice... (he did kinda grow in power) otherwise you'd be stuck with 2 minifigs and nothing else...
  12. Kizmoz

    Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Picked up the Spider-Man Heist set today from Tesco... :) They had a couple that weren't marked up on the shelf so took 1 to the customer service desk to ask for the price, to which they told me they weren't for sale and shouldn't have been put out. I Informed them they had a few still on down the aisle and went back down to see what else I could pick up instead (had a voucher to use up), after standing around for 10minutes with nothing else sparking my interest I noticed nobody had come to remove the remaining set, so thought sod it and took it to the self service to which they manually put it through the till for me ^_^
  13. Kizmoz

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    All of the Summer wave sets are available now in Smyth's Toy stores in the UK... I picked up Twoface (£49.99) and Scarecrow (£11.99) set from a store in Northern Ireland and returned them to my local store in England for a refund when I got home after finding Toys' R Us sent me a 20% coupon for my Birthday while I was away... Although they currently don't stock them so have to impatiently wait >.<