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  1. My LEGO version of the Snow White and the 7 dwarfs cottage (based on Thomas Kinkade depiction).

    I watched the movie when I was a kid and I vividly remember how I wanted to live in a cottage in the woods after seeing this one!

    Although I rushed the build a bit, it was fun to build because I haven't build something "castle" for a long time and I wanted to try some new stuff like the roof or the newer shades of greens or play around with the vegetation using odd pieces and parts. Still some things didn't came out as I planned but I wanted to finish this to make room for other projects. Thanks  to Markus for coming everyday to my desk and give me some hints and motivation! :D

    Hope you guys like it!


    24446926228_a707a84e4c_c.jpgJust like a doll's house 

  2. For many years I've been a fan of doozy models and have a bunch of them pinned on my Pinterest account! And finally I was able to build one of them: the little charming European Café Shop!

    Managed to put a lot of details and tried a few techniques that I had in mind for a while but also some new stuff! What’s your favourite detail? Mine is definitely the small chair and the lamps!

    Thanks for the millionth time to  <a href="#//www.flickr.com/photos/moriartus" rel="nofollow">Markus</a> for all the hints and suggestions!

    Hope you guys like it

    36969912923_5fc6b8b628_z.jpgCafé shop

  3. Hi guys!


    It’s been almost 9 months since I last posted something here! Been very busy with work and this is been ready for a few months but I was only able to upload it now. 


    Loved the cartoons when I was a kid and really liked the first Transformers movie from 2007, so I decided to build bumblebee, which is by far my favourite Autobot!


    This was quite a cheral months as it is way out of my comfort zone.


    For those attending the Skaerbaeck Fan Weekend in a couple of weeks, if you would like to see it, it will be there! :)


    Thanks to Markus Rollbühler for the incentive and the tips :)


    And no, it doesn't transform into a beautiful Camaro!


    Hope you guys like it!





  4. Hey everybody, this is my last build of the year and the last one for at least a few months as I've said in my flickr account a few days before I'll be moving to Billund on January.

    This build was actually started a few months ago but I never got the chance to finish it until now. And as I got a big chunk of my collection unsorted and my time is very limited right now, I didn't manage to get the results I wanted. A river was planned as well as a richer landscape and more leaves on the upper part.

    Anyway, hope you like it! :)

    23922278852_436bde011f_c.jpgThoryn Arper Tree House

    23948699161_fec6967e99_c.jpgThoryn Arper Tree House

    23662639579_d7b70d605c_c.jpgThoryn Arper Tree House

  5. Thanks again guys, it's always nice to read your kind comments :)

    NO! Please! I can't take it anymore!

    I have to know NOW !

    The building looks fine, perfect i'd say. But HOW do you get all those pieces? (ex. the water, all the gray pieces as well.)

    Do you order in bulk or something?! If so, can someone tell me where I can find a good site to do it? Because this is all I need to make something like this.

    (again, props to you sir, on the awesome creation.)

    Well, the transblue 1x1 round plates (water), the 1x2 bley slopes (on the rockwork) and lots of white bricks 1x3 were from PAB cups on my visit to a London LEGO Store ladt year.

    Since then I've made some more Bricklink orders... well a bit more then some actually :)

    But keep in mind that this was a commissioned build (only the house, not the beach or rockwork) so I had to buy lots of parts specifically for it.

    Well done. Minifigures can not revive this magnificent house?

    I wanted to give it a sense of a house for rental, hence no minifigs. But I guess I could put one or two on the lounge or on one of the balcony's.

    What a stunning creation.... how many bricks does it contain? Thousands? Wish I could build something like that.... :wub:

    I really don't know how many, but several thousands, yes :)

    Superb design and execution. I really like this style of architecture, the roof and chimney work reminds me of some excellent examples from the 1960's despite its obvious modern appearance. Well done!

    Thank you sir. It was an honor to share a front page highlight with you ;)

  6. Thanks to everyone for the comments and remarks! Glad you like it! :wink:

    This was actually a commissioned build for an architecture company (only the house - the beach, cliff and palm trees I added later for the sake of a better presentation). They gave me a rough sketch of what they wanted and from there I made this model. But the name, specs, etc was all fictional. But like L@go said, Point Dume is a real place located in Malibu :sweet:

    Thanks once again everybody!

  7. Exquisitely architected to facilitate the ultimate in seamless luxury indoor/outdoor living without equal, the Point Dume Residence features a stunningly crafted open design that includes an infinity edge pool and a private beach creating a distinctively extravagant private luxury lifestyle experience, rivaling some of the very best resorts in the world.

    • Name Point Dume Residence

    • Price: 5000 - 6000 $ per week depending on season

    • Type Single Family Home

    • Floor Area 12,000 sq. ft. (1,114.85 m2)

    • Construction Area 16,447 sq. ft. (1,528 m2)

    • Levels 3

    • Completed 2011

    Roadster not included

    Was getting a little tired of doing crooked houses, so I took a break on those... :)


    21393031415_c151288bf5_z.jpgPoint Dume Residence

    20770325704_6b47b70671_z.jpgPoint Dume Residence

    20770331604_bbedc262d7_z.jpgPoint Dume Residence


  8. I meant to ask this earlier and just forgot. Do you have any idea how many parts you used, rounded to the nearest thousand (or so)? Obviously it took a lot, but I'm often curious of these large detailed creations. Anyway, you've really earned a name for yourself with these magnificent projects.

    Hey, thanks for the comment. :wink:

    Well I don't have a clear idea of how many parts I used. But a rough estimate would be maybe 25000, I guess. I tend to use lots of small parts that add up a lot, like 1x2 pltes, 1x1 round plates, 1x2 tiles, etc.

    For instance, i used all my 1x2 tiles on medium azure (300), all my 1x1 round plates in LBG (200), all my lime parts (between plates, tiles, bricks etc I had over 2000 pieces) and all DBG slopes (over 1500). And this is just a small fraction.

    This time around I made 2 separate bricklink orders just for slopes and azure tiles and plates (around 65$ :blush: ). I have a pretty good collection now and got to stop using bricklink :grin:

    Briliant moc, just wonder there is any detail inside of the big house ?

    Thanks. Nope, no interior I'm afraid :sweet: I almost always intend to do interiors on m y MOCs but then I just don't have the time/patient/parts to do it. :laugh:

  9. Thanks a lot everybody!! :classic:

    While you are a superb architect with great buildings as a result it is your landscaping that does the trick for me every single time. It just looks so alive. There is a balance of foilage, stuff lying around, colours and different heights that just works. I would probably pay to see a timelapse of you building one of your moc's.

    Thanks! I too think that my landscapes are probably the most catchy things on my builds. And it always a pleasure to make them for me.

  10. Many years ago, Earth passed thru a series of climatic and environment events that led to massive changes on the atmosphere and also on the earth surface composition. Lighter-than-air gases, such as helium or hidrogen became predominant and made some landmasses detached from the ground and start free floating on the skies. Most are huge, stunning and majestic, with waterfalls, rivers and entire towns. Others are small with just one or two houses and a few families.

    Inhabitants had to adapt and to evolve because huge chunks of the Earth surface were now drifting and floating. These islands are usually free-floating and may be directed by the whim of their inhabitants, whilst others may be permanently anchored. Basic resources like food and drinkable water are becoming scarce. Most people have to travel on rudimentary vehicles that float with the help of balloons so they can look for supplies and other necessities. Some even anchor other small floating islands to use them as crops fields and animal farms or just because they want to increase their property.

    Todaidh Beag is one of those islands. Holds Triroof Manor, home of Godfrey Morgan, his wife, Bella and his 2 sons, Cyrus and Malcumus. Cyrus and Malcumus often leave the island on their balloon boat to find food and supplies. Most of the times they endure bad weather, air pirates and other dangers. But they still have to do the trips to be able to survive and help their family.

    So guys, this is my latest build and I think this is a new favorite of mine. Even more then my Bluewater Castle as I think this one fits much more my building style. My latest castle builds were drifting to a more vibrant and colorful style that pleases me very much and this one is no exception. It’s not a steampunk build as it does not fit the bill entirely, but I like how it turned out.

    Anyway, I’m big fan of floating islands literature and stories and it was about time I made a MOC on that theme. I intend, if time and life allows, to build more on these theme.

    This thing is huge and it was the most challenging build so far. First I made the base with all the landscape and the house, etc. It was build on a very thick and strong base with lots of plates and 16x1 bricks. Then I made an oval technic frame in the shape of an inverted pyramid (I will post a pic or two of the frame later)with a core center of 2x4 bricks were the all landscape, house, etc stands on top. Perfectly balanced :) Inspiration from Life in the sky by Vladimir Kustuchek and the round tower part was from David Hensel latest build.

    It has lots of small details like the balloon boat, the harpoon to anchor smaller islands and other random stuff. If you want to see lots of details and small things please take a look at all the photos. I took a bunch :)

    Hope you like it.

    PS: yes, this is a Medium Azure roof. And I love this color :)


    19904285258_5815948ec7_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    20085577422_1efebe75db_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    20097817041_9379f6f3d6_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19904386540_4a6f4657e5_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19469753664_1efa08e774_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    20097822921_83250e443e_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19469757204_0f784117ed_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    20097825181_56991e0584_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag



    19471410103_678ef7c1b4_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    20092410265_ee6bcb187c_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    20066123246_1790b0bc53_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19904302528_7ab5a0f941_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19471415773_eec6d11913_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    20092416685_a5637883a0_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    20093291655_c91347bbbd_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19905696399_349fbbf0ec_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19471394523_53cb27f223_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19905670549_9a400859fd_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19904405420_5b45d7b06d_z.jpg20 (2)

    20066129306_9b9d32b2d4_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    19904308948_a7eb3cc015_z.jpgThe Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

  11. Hey guys!

    I’ve lived almost of my adulthood in an isolated house, with neighbors’ houses at least 5 meters apart from mine. So, noise, loud music or the nice lady dog ruin my day by putting his dirty paws on my pants in tight corridors was never an issue.

    But life is life and a few years ago I moved to a nice apartment. It has his pros, but is has a LOT of cons either!

    So, reviving my very first MOC (my own living room) I decided to build this MOC on minifig scale.

    It’s dedicated to all the people who lives in apartments and now what I’m talking about :)

    The goal was to represent several different rooms. Inspiration came from a pic I saw on the internet a few months ago. Unfortunately I didn’t save the photo and can’t find it anymore, but I kept the idea and thought it would make a good MOC.

    It has a living room, a kitchen, a TV room, a laundry room, a home gym, an office and a bedroom.

    I didn’t put any minifigs because I wanted this MOC to focus only on the rooms itself.

    Again, if you would be so kind to tell me which room is your favorite, I would appreciate! :)


    19333566466_b63d3bebeb_z.jpgApartment life

    19333567506_702dae5b90_z.jpgApartment life

    19359664805_cd5de5aca0_z.jpgTV room

    19333565316_61ac33c6ae_z.jpgLiving room

    19359661665_b93847b38d_z.jpgHome office

    19363691581_61747447f9_z.jpgHome Gym b