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  1. cesbrick

    MEC Category A: Battle of Osgiliath

    I got to say that it took me almost 2 minutes before I realize this was NOT an official set! Excellent Disco, just excellent!
  2. cesbrick

    MEC Cat. C - Sneaky Little Hobbitses

    How in the world can you make such excellent brickbuild figures?!?! Excellent again Vit! The round trunk is very good!
  3. Wow this was kind of reefreshing. The colors, the textures, the details, the roof.. Excellent! Congratulations! Glad you joined GoH.
  4. cesbrick

    MEC Cat. A - Tom Bombadil's House

    This is a great build, Vitreolum! Very much ilustrates your perfectly distinguishable style with lots of details and NPU. I woul totally buy it if it was a set! Good luck to the contest.
  5. cesbrick

    Sennecks' Reside

    Spot on, Gideon!! That's why I love fantasy building so much!
  6. cesbrick

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Thanks, that is a nice compliment. But unfortunatly this could never be a set...
  7. cesbrick

    Sennecks' Reside

    Absolutly stunning build! Love absolutly everything about this! I've wanted to build a tree house for a long time and now I have something to give me inspiration!
  8. Great MOC! Nice ballance between grey and dark tan. Also, great balance with the wooden parts! I love the water thing!
  9. Cute little build. I also like the mill. The roof could use some tiles. But that's me that just looove tiles!
  10. cesbrick

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Thanks a lot Patrick! As usual I appreciate your words and I'm really glad that you liked it!
  11. cesbrick

    MOC: Groothoofdspoort (Groothoofd City Gate)

    Usually I don't comment here, but these one I had to: impressive and awesome work. Congratulations!
  12. cesbrick

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Wow, thanks guys. Really glad you all like it!
  13. cesbrick

    Mitgardian Textiles Shop in Ruadh

    Great vignette Mccoyed! The minifigs are very nice and love those clothes!
  14. cesbrick


    Be safe, Simon. All the best to you! We will miss you and your MOCs!
  15. cesbrick

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Thanks guys! Really glad you like it! First of all, let me thank you for taking the time to come here and post such a long reply and one that shows that you really looked closed to my build, and this coming from you is a real compliment. Second, you are right. Most people, me totally included, doesn't give constructive criticism, witch is always welcome when we are trying to improve, and I'm trying to do just that. Now, on to your thoughts. The different sections of the roof are not just rest in place, they are connected with hinges (parts 44301 and 44302). I chose this ones because they give a more sturdy fixation of the angles. But, on the bad side, they leave a bigger gap, which is very hard to hide with tiles, as you noted. Maybe with the hinges you suggested would have been easier. Definitely something to try the next time. The stone walls... Again, you are right. But not only on the sides, my all stone walls needs improvement. I tend to leave many gaps because of the use of some odd parts, but mainly because I take a glance, I think it's Ok and move on. But you are right, that final polish will crank up things a lot. I don't think you are being to harsh, I REALLY appreciate that you take the time give me some CC. After all, your work (along with LD's work) was the one that made me want to build things like this. Thanks DC! Yes, I'm aware of that, thanks!
  16. Wow love this one!! The round tower is excellent!! Awesome shapes and angles as usual. You are an inspiration!
  17. Excellent as expected! All the little details are outstanding! Welcome back Derfel!!
  18. cesbrick

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Thanks again Adolfo! I will try to continue to do my best!
  19. cesbrick

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Thanks Vitreolum! Thanks a lot guys!
  20. cesbrick

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Thank you ALL very much! I'm really glad that you like it I didn't think that this MOC would have so much recognition It is indeed an honor to be highlighted on the front page!!! Wow.
  21. The Old Watermill I would like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture - roofing – curved roof - wall techniques -- SNOTted tile stonework Landscape Design - trees – The tree on the left Hydrology - flowing water
  22. cesbrick

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Thank you all for your kind words. I'm really glad you like it. Thanks mrcp6d! Well, I don't have any more photos of the cart. I will try to take one or two if I can and put them here. Anyway it´s a pretty simple cart. The horizontal bars are stuck to the base by 2 1x1 plate with clip and the wheels are attached to the cart with the 48729 part. The wheels are not very stable and is not very functional, but it works. Regarding the photos, I had to take literally dozens of them before I got the light right..
  23. The Old Watermill/ cesbrick/ Avalonia Thanks a lot Venkefedo! I'm still a newbie here. I,m gonna post there!