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  1. cesbrick

    A Medieval Vinyard

    Love it!! Full of details and little things. Congratulations
  2. cesbrick

    [MOC] Vignette 16x16 Colosseum

    Small, but full of great techniques! Congratulations. Love it!
  3. Welcome, Disco. Finally you joined us and, on top of that, on the right guild! Most welcome JaseTJ. Nice intro!
  4. cesbrick

    A creature in the dark - BabaYagas hutt

    Yaicks!!! This is scary. And absolutely amazing. That roof is something truly exceptional! Congratulations LD.
  5. cesbrick

    MOC: GRÔZ The Giant

    I must confess that when I was checking and picking the categorys that I would enter on the CCC, this one was not on my list. But after seeing this, maybe I will change my mind. This is inspiring!
  6. cesbrick

    Bk.2: Ch.3: Cat.A: Intrigued by Intrigue

    Awesome roof and tower! The colour scheme is great! Congratulations on one more great MOC!
  7. Great build. Your minifig posing is excellent. The landscape is great also! Congrats.
  8. Hey guys! This my latest MOC, a freebuild. Continuing their trip thru Vanhorn’s enchanted forests, Adam and Terryn stumble across a very strange and old watermill, with crumbling walls and a curved roof. Tiered, hungry and with the darkness of the night coming quickly, they decided to ask if they can spent the night… Here are some photos, that, again, where a pain to take. As usual, CC is more then welcome! I would like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture - roofing – curved roof - wall techniques -- SNOTted tile stonework Landscape Design - trees – The tree on the left Hydrology - flowing water
  9. cesbrick

    HSS Nautical: The Quay of Sionnach

    Awesome De Gothia! Love it! The sense of movement and all the details are just top notch! Congratulations once again. I only dislike one thing. The barrels tops. I prefer round tiles 2x2 instead of 2x2 round plates.
  10. cesbrick

    MEC Category B: Gandalf’s Retreat

    Thanks lord Dan, for your words. About the trees, there are no bright green. Just regular green and dark green and this ones is all I have. Maybe the colors are a little off due to my poor photoshop skills. The floor is a little dry, yes I agree, but with a base this size was dificult to me to make it look different or more vibrant without beeing cramped. About the not looking middle earth, well I think thats debatable. :) I chose category B because of the wide limitations possible. But maybe with more fooliage or flowers would looked more natural. Thanks for your CC. ;)
  11. Hi everybody. This is my entry to the MEC. I only had enough time to build in one category, so I choose B. After Sauron was defeated and the ruling ring has been destroyed, the age of men, an age of peace and harmony, began. Gandalf took a break from is great adventures and quests and now lives peacefully in a small cottage in the middle of the woods. Frodo, Bilbo and other friends continue to visit him, and when they do, they seat by the fire, talking about how they manage to get thru all the dangers and slippery roads. It’s a time of peace, it’s a time of friendship… The idea was to recreate a circular cottage with a roof in a shape of a wizard’s hat, taking some inspiration on the latest DC build, Caer Caradoc . The roof didn’t worked out as I wanted, mainly because of lack of time and specific parts, but I think the idea is there. I now this roof is not going to please to everybody, but hopefully the idea gets thru. :) Some photos. Hope you like it and CC is welcome! PS: Good luck to everyone!
  12. cesbrick

    CCCXII Falworth Castle Revisited.

    Absolutely stunning! Good luck on CCCXII!
  13. cesbrick

    MEC Category B: Gandalf’s Retreat

    Yes it is! Glad someone spoted him! Goog luck to everyone!!
  14. cesbrick

    MEC Category B: Gandalf’s Retreat

    This roof was without any doubt the hardest that I've ever built. It's a mix of wedges (round and linear) connected to a structure by 1x2 hinges plates. Then the tiles are put together and the ones on the curved parts are only semi-connected. It's hard to tell in words... But the overall shape was a pain to get...
  15. cesbrick

    MEC Category B: Gandalf’s Retreat

    Thank you all for your nice comments! Really appreciate it. Colibri, no, I've never been to Legoland. But I too think that TLC should pay more attention to the AFOL world. Like you said, keep on dreaming..
  16. cesbrick

    MEC Category B: Gandalf’s Retreat

    Thanks Wat! Glad you enjoy it! I must confess that although I had seen all the movies and being a fan, I'm not a HUGE fan and don't know a lot of things about Tolkien stories and books. Well, if it doesn't fit, that's OK, it was an enjoyable build anyway.
  17. cesbrick

    Middle Earth Contest entry thread.

    MEC Category B: gandalf's Retreat http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=102018
  18. cesbrick

    Ma.K SAFS Wolverine Diorama

    I've seen it on TBB and the feeling was: wow!!! So small and so beautiful. The only thing that I dislike a little is the photo treatment, seems a bit exaggerated on contrast. But maybe that was the goal, since it's a kind of Si-fi MOC.. Awesome Mathew, love it!
  19. cesbrick

    Wild West Saloon

    Just the way I like it: full of details, different textures, great color combinations and small things that make me wanna look 3 or 4 times like the cactus and the balcony! Awesome build kris!
  20. cesbrick

    Book 2 Challenge 3: Category A: Old Faces

    Fantastic. Love it!
  21. cesbrick

    MEC Category A: The Long-expected Party

    Excellent build! I would totally buy it! Good luck!
  22. cesbrick

    MEC Category A: 'The Watcher in the Water'

    Very nice set with lots of details. Congratulations and good luck! PS: If possible, next time try to put direct photos and not just the links to them. People are lazy and dont like to click to see it.
  23. Excellent Dzoni. There are many thinks to love here, but I highlight the brick build status,the pilars, the map and the minifig posing. Well done mate!
  24. cesbrick

    Kaliphlin Dessert Hut

    Beautifully colored with some nice details! My only criticism is the base. It's too simple and it would look nicer with some sort of border.
  25. Excellent build! I like the minifig posing too, as others said, but the background and the tomb is really top notch! Good luck!