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    CCCXII - Healer's House

    Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate that you like it. Thanks Kabel. Well, I chose Avalonia and I chose specially a Sigfig that is not a Lord, a noble or anything and does not have a permanent home to allow my crazy and strange MOCs to somehow fit. I think the important thing is to build and contribute. But maybe next time I will post just in the History forum and not on the GoH one, like I did on some of my previous MOCs.
  2. cesbrick

    MOC: Majkel´s Christmas Display 2014

    Stunning creation dude! The attention to detail is absolutly delicious. The overall look of the build is just awesome. That smoke is sooo cool Congratulations and keep building!
  3. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Etheldreed Windmill

    Thanks Patrick! Yes, I like to think that I'm starting to show my own style, at least a little bit.
  4. cesbrick

    Mushroom Collecting in the Swamps

    Patrick you are the swamp master! Excellent once again. I particularly like the trees (those fungus are an excellent idea) but the little boat is top notch!
  5. cesbrick

    Bluwhorm Cottage

    Excellent house and texture all over! I love your style of building. It's dark and mysterious. Keep them coming! ;)
  6. cesbrick

    Escorting a Valuable Load [Freebuild]

    Excellent! I always enjoy your choice of colors. So sober and balanced. The texture of the tower is just perfect!
  7. cesbrick

    Sneaky Little Dwarfses - Chapter III B

    Dude, do you ever stop doing awesome NPU??? :) Seriously, love this little vignette. Everything, from the positioning of the figs, to the clouds and the skeleton are simply delicious. Quick question: the glowing on the torch? Photoshop?
  8. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Etheldreed Windmill

    Thanks guys! Ahah, there's been so many great entrys in the CCC (including yours, of course) and I appreciate your comments. I think this year is going to be epic regarding the number of entries and the quality of those.
  9. Hi again guys. So, this is my 2nd entry for the CCC, more specifically for the Large Miscellaneous Category. I’ve been wanting to build a medieval village for quite a while and finally I was able to do it. I had a lot of trouble because I ran out of bricks in sooo many spots that I had to improvise a lot. Also, I don’t really like square bases, but, again, I was out of wedge plates so this was the best solution that I could find :/ CC is welcome as always. Enjoy!
  10. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Etheldreed Windmill

    Thanks Thanks to everyone else. Thanks you Slegengr. Yes, the propeller is attached to the inner structure of the tower by technic bricks and pins, so it rotates.
  11. cesbrick

    Blacksmith Shop

    Amazing once again LD. Love the textures on this one with more then usual snot techniques. The base and the chimney are awesome! And and understand you totally about rushing the MOCs! I would like to make at least 2 more MOC until deadline. Will see.
  12. cesbrick

    Port Adelphus

    Fantastic build Rogue! The buildings, the ships, the minifig placement, the vivid look of the build are just awesome. Well done!
  13. cesbrick


    Besides the usual excellent NPU, you made me laugh with this one... One of my favourites from you!
  14. cesbrick

    CCCXII Poultry Farmers

    Excellent scene! I think this is gonna be one of the category's with the most beautiful builds. My favourite parts are the trees and the brick-built birds. Just excellent! Good luck Steve!
  15. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Honshū Rice Terrace

    Wow this is soooooo nice. Just love it! And beautifully photographed too! Good luck Disco!
  16. Eheheh great, love it! Nice little detail on the torches. Gonna borrow that one ;)
  17. cesbrick

    On the Road to Shadowmere

    Wow!! Impressive build, once again... Your rockwork always amazes me.. Love the path beteween the rocks. Keep it up buddy.
  18. cesbrick

    CCCXII – Black Hollow Village

    Thanks Cap! Glad you like it. Thanks a lot. One of my favourite parts to ;) Thank you so much Fletcher for taking the time to see the build and leave a comment as great as this. But there's been so many great entrys to the CCC that it's not going to be easy to win, specially in the Large Mix Category. And we are still a month apart from the deadline.
  19. cesbrick

    CCCXII – Black Hollow Village

    Thanks guys! Glad you all like it! :)
  20. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Far away and far above

    Thanks! Actually the tower was quite stable. I reinforced it in the interior using a variety of bricks and plates. Thanks Gun! Aren't you going to participate in the CCC? I would love to see your builds there too.
  21. cesbrick

    Encounter at the Forgotten Monastery

    Patrick, there is really nothing more to say. You rock! This is pure awesomeness mate, congratulations
  22. cesbrick

    CCCXII - The Necromancer's Bad Day

    Excellent! The ground scene is just fantastic and simply perfect.
  23. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Far away and far above

    Thanks guys! I'm glad you like it!
  24. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Tatar Accident

    Love it Disco!! The tent is awesome but the landscape really catch my eye! Also the base is top notch! Good luck to the contest.