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    Tundwar Temple

    A little different from your previous builds, but still great as usual! The flowers are specially cool!
  2. cesbrick

    GoH Cat. B-1 [Trouble in Kaliphlin]

    Ho this is fantastic! Love those wall and the snoted floor. Fantastic jakorin!
  3. cesbrick

    Tartan's Hall

    Wow stunning. The exterior is fantastic, but the interior does not stand behind! I specially like the red bed and the dressing table!
  4. The Etheldreed Windmill | Cesbric | Avalonia The Healer's House | Cesbrick | Avalonia The wedgwood house | Cesbrick | Avalonia
  5. cesbrick

    Brookside Abby

    Pfff fantastic, just plain awesome! I really have no other words...
  6. cesbrick

    An Embarrasing Encounter

    Not only the story is great, but this a a wonderful build. The all build is very harmonious and with a very balanced color scheme. The dark orange leafs look great on the black roof. The buildings being offset is a big plus too and the walls texture is very very nice. And the interiors... Man, I've got to begin to do interiors as well. They give so much life to a MOC. Congrats!
  7. Early in the morning, while he was still sleeping , Adam left Terryn on the camp they arranged for the night and went to the mysterious house he saw on a nearby hill when they stopped. They are getting out of food and are, still, a long way from their destination in Mitgardia, so he decided to approach whoever lives there in hopes to get supplies and perhaps a hint on the safest path to their destination. Lord Carnwalis is the one who leaves in that house. He is a peaceful man and living so close to the Mitgardian border, he sure will help Adam and Terryn on deciding the safest rout. Hey everybody. It´s been a while since I build something, but I’ve been sick and with loads of work so I did not have much time. Anyways, this is my latest build, and the first of 2015. I tried to do some things a bit different this time, like the walls and some colors on the landscaping. Also, this MOC is going to be inserted in a display that I’m working on to be displayed on my LUG's expositions, 0937 and so its viewable from 4 sides. Sorry, once again, for the poor storyline, but definitely this is my weakest point and I cant do much better… CC is welcome of course. Hope you like it The Wedgwood House The Wedgwood House The Wedgwood House The Wedgwood House
  8. cesbrick

    [MOC] – Freebuild – The Wedgwood House

    Thanks Hammer. It is not that hard, really. It only takes a little experimenting and some hinges and that's it Thanks a lot for your comments soccerkid. Yes, I agree with you. You know, sometimes I try to get away from this type of trees, but I came to the conclusion that It's easy to make it natural looking these way, and it's sturdier! Now, thank you so much for these. I wish I had your skills ad imagination for story's. This is lovely, thank you so much..
  9. cesbrick

    [MOC] – Freebuild – The Wedgwood House

    Thanks de Gothia, that is quite nice of you. Always good when somebody needs to look twice to see if it is really Lego.
  10. cesbrick

    Desert Oasis

    Hey Patrick this is outstanding. Those trees are awesome. Also the greebling tower is perfect and you managed to get the Middle Eastern vibe perfectly.
  11. cesbrick

    Achiran's Falls

    Awesome build man! The fish catching is a great touch.
  12. cesbrick

    [MOC] – Freebuild –Defending the Storytellers

    Great vig Brick! I like the Autumn vibe and minifig posing!
  13. cesbrick

    [MOC] – Freebuild – The Wedgwood House

    Thnaks Kai! The porch was a final touch. Initially I had 2 windows on the wall but felt a little empty. Thanks Mike. These trees in particularly are a favorite of mine. I tried to do them with more leaves to make it look more real. Also, the curved one came out real well in my opinion. :) Thanks a lot for your comments. I do love making leaned walls and curved roofs. :) Thanks Gun. Glad you like it bud. :) That's quite a compliment, thanks. Unfortunately this could never be a set. It has to many greebling things :/ Thanks Cap :) The roof is quite red indeed, but I just love this colored roofs :) Thank you Jorrith. Glad you like it. Thank you for your words ;)
  14. cesbrick

    [MOC] – Freebuild – The Wedgwood House

    Thanks a lot guys. So glad you all like it!
  15. cesbrick

    Beacon Tower

    Excellent castle, excellent landscape, overall awesome MOC! Love the nocty feel!
  16. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Healer's House

    Wizard’s potion, I enchant thee By intent and thrice told verse Be a tool of magick for me Work thy spell to heal and nurse Wizard’s potion, be now blessed By the power of the universe In the cauldron effervesce Maladies and pain disperse Harming none I now decree This charm is done, so mote it be Maester Finley is a powerful healer, wizard and alchemist. Thru all Vanhorn territory he is known to be mysterious and secretive. Some say he has magic powers, some say he uses dark and obscure powers and some say he is not human… Hey guys, this is my 4th entry to the CCCXII, to the Castle Walls Category. It is also a freebuild to Guild of Historica. It’s a healer’s house, were everybody goes for healing, potions and all sorts of medicines. My initial idea involved a different color on the roof, but dark blue was the only color that I had in sufficient number to make work. Despite the strange angles, this is quite sturdy. In fact it is going to stay like this and is not going to be dismantled J Enjoy Maester Finley Healer's Hous by Cesbrick, on Flickr Maester Finley Healer's Hous by Cesbrick, on Flickr
  17. Hey guys! This is my first entry to this year’s CCC, to the Fairy Tale Castle Category. It’s Rapunzel’s Tower. According to the original story written by the Brother’s Grimm, Rapunzel was a beautiful girl, locked up by an evil witch on a tower with no doors or stairs located deep in the forest. After a year or two, it came to pass that the Prince rode through the forest and went by the tower. He heard a song which was so lovely that he stood still and listened. This was Rapunzel who in her loneliness passed her time singing. The Prince wanted to climb up to her, and looked for the door of the tower, but none was to be found… The rest, you all know… :p It was a HUGE pain to photograph a MOC this size. The lighting never seemed right and in honesty I don´t think the photos do justice to this build, but I di9d the best I could :/ Some photos: Rapunzel's Tower Rapunzel's Tower Rapunzel's Tower
  18. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Far away and far above

    Thanks a lot richchie! Glad you like it and thanks for the compliment. With the right parts, a little imagination and time anyone can do wonderful creations too Thanks markus. I must say that I'm real starting to be addicted to this colourful and fantasy style too.
  19. cesbrick

    CCCXII – Malcumus Erlond Cottage

    Thanks Garmadon! Those two (the posing and faces) were one of my favourites part of this build.
  20. Not much is known about Malcumus Erlond. People know he is a druid and a mysterious man, that lives in the old cottage on Death Cliff Island. People often say too, that is has a magic potion that turns anyone into a very smart person! Marcus and Gairbert are not smart… At all… And they decided to try and reach the cottage on top of the cliff and steal the potion from Malcumus and become the 2 smartest persons of the country… Would they be successful? :b Hey guys, this is my 6th and final entry to the CCC, to The Merry Band category. Hope you like it. Ho and I would totally live there :b Malcumus Erlond Cottage Malcumus Erlond Cottage Malcumus Erlond Cottage
  21. cesbrick

    CCCXII – Malcumus Erlond Cottage

    Thanks guys!
  22. Deep in the forest, Vyell Henion stumbles across a very strange house. A house built in a very big and ancient tree… She heard about this ancient tree and the old lady that leaves there many times... The urge to knock is big… So guys, this is my 5th entry to the CCC,to the small miscellaneous category. It didn’t turned out quite well as I wanted but this was a rush build as I wanted to make one more. I love this concept and I will build more like this for sure when I have more time. Enjoy! Barrenroot Tree Barrenroot Tree Barrenroot Tree
  23. Hi guys This is the “Etheldreed Windmill” my 3rd entry for the CCC, Medieval Husbandry category, and also a freebuild to GoH. The mighty lands of Avalonia are home to many water and windmills, and perhaps the most known is the “Etheldreed Windmill”, where all kinds of cereals are milled to feed the nearby small villages. Being away from the forests, so it can catch strong winds, this windmill is an iconic landmark of Vanhorn Region. CC is welcome. I had to photograph this one with only artificial lighting so the pics came out a little dark. Enjoy
  24. cesbrick

    CCCXII - Healer's House

    Yes, you are right Kabel. Next time I will do an effort to put a story to the MOC. Thanks Patrick Your CC is always welcome. In these case, I totally agree with you. But there were 2 reasons for that: 1 - I did made a taller and more detailed tree, but it would hide the chimney almost entirely and furthermore I did not want the tree to take the focus from the main point of the MOC, the house. 2 - This build is going to be a part of a display in my LUG, so I had to make a smaller tree for easyer transportation. I do like bigger, taller and more detailed trees, tought.. I'm glad it does! Lololol you made me laugh real loud Jorrith. No, I did not take any substance when I was making this MOC. I'm glad you like it Bud!
  25. cesbrick

    An awesome gift for a GoH AFOL

    This is awesome Patrick! The portfolio looks stunning. You deserve it my friend! And that ship.... What else have you been hiding from us, hum??