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    [MOC] Hobb's End

    Wow! Amazing work... Again... :) The roof is awesome!
  2. cesbrick

    [MOC] Lion fortress part 2

    Impressive castle. Didn't see your previous one, but this one is marvelous.
  3. cesbrick

    Truppentransporter der Reichsflotte

    Excellent build. Very clean lines and a wonderful general look. Love the blue tones...
  4. cesbrick

    MOC: Trade and Empire

    Awesome ship!! I like the sturdy look and the all thing is just fantastic. And of course te swan...
  5. Hello Avalonians! So, I want to join GoH, Avalonia to be more precise, but I have a few questions: 1. - I know I have to create a SigFig, name it and make a small introduction. But the Sig that I will create will not be a Lord, so I will not claim any Land. My question is: can I name a land that he lives in and hose the location on the map or do I have to chose one from the list below the Avalonia Map? 2. - After that, can I enter the fifth task if it is not a castle or a fortress? Thanks
  6. cesbrick

    [MOC] Wolfpack Leader's Retreat

    I really like everything about this build. All the details are awesome! Specially the garden and the door!
  7. cesbrick

    The house with the red door in Braavos

    Beautiful! Love all the details and the roof is very nice too!
  8. cesbrick

    Friðsælt Falls

    This is so lovely. The trees and the color pallet is wonderful. And that orange fox is sooooo cute!!!! Great build.
  9. cesbrick

    [MOC] Neuschwanstein Castle - Gatehouse

    Beautiful Adolfo! Love the color scheme!
  10. cesbrick

    [MOC] Fire ant Water

    Wonderful MOC! Love that dragon and the all ambiance of the build.. I agree with the others that the gold belly is a nice touch! Congratulations!
  11. cesbrick

    "House of Chaos"

    This is quite simply amazing! That roof is an inspiration! Congratz on the award.
  12. cesbrick

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Thank you very much for your kind comments. And yes, I will join GoH very soon... :) Thanks!
  13. cesbrick

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Hi there! Well, this is my first post (got to do a presentation post!) here on Eurobricks and I've just very recently get out of my dark ages and I,m having a great time (and spending a lot of money too!). So this is my first medieval MOC and my 5th total since my returning. It´s a medieval tavern with a "hotel inn" on the upper floors. I tried to make it look like it's a busy tavern. I must say I quite enjoyed building this and the medieval theme is growing up on me! Hope you like. Here are some photos: Tavern 1 by csar_soares, on Flickr Tavern7 by csar_soares, on Flickr Tavern5 by csar_soares, on Flickr Tavern4 by csar_soares, on Flickr Tavern3 by csar_soares, on Flickr Tavern2 by csar_soares, on Flickr
  14. cesbrick

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Thank you very much for yor kind comments. :) Glad you like it. Thank you! Yes, I left dark ages in may after seeing Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory playing with the Star Wars Death Star! Thanks!! Thank you!
  15. cesbrick

    [MOC] King's Quest

    Very very nice! Love the bridge too, but the all build is beautiful.
  16. cesbrick

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Thank you Adolfo! Thank you for the information! Yes, the information is a little bit overwhelming. I'm trying to read as much as I can right now and I will soon mostly certainly join (if they take me of course) GoH. trying to decide which Guild to choose and what Sig Fig.
  17. cesbrick

    [MOC] Ogre Encampment

    As others have said, awesome work. Love the lake and the hut. And everything else for that matter...
  18. cesbrick

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Thank you all very much for your comments! I've been reading the threads on GoH and It's amazing! I Think I will join soon because this type of MOCs are becoming my favorites. Now I just have to choose a Guild (Avalonia seems to fit me better) and and create a Sig Fig to start
  19. cesbrick

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Thank you guys! :) Gary, yes it is quite fragile. It's made of transclear plates 1x2 and 1x1. I tried to make it sturdier by placing the bricks closer, but the effect was not the same.
  20. cesbrick

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Thank you all for your nice comments! Glade you like it. :) Lego, 3364 - I went to see what Guilds of Historica was but the information is overwhelming! So if I understanded correctly first I must create a Sig Fig and then choose a Land right? But then I was lost with the tasks... Do I have to do it? Or is it optional?