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  1. aaroncb

    Opinion of Modding / changing / whatever-ing Old sets

    if you want to then go for it. make it your own, or more accurate. or if you just hate the new version of a set and figure you could do a better job modding an older one. just consider whether you want to sell it down the road
  2. blasters are due for a refresh/update. lightsaber hilts should be updated as well in my opinion.
  3. no new sets here yet, so i picked up the obi wan jedi fighter, glad to finally get it to match the anakin one.
  4. 3 battlefront empire battle packs and the Vader buildable figure. then the Mrs trolled me by bringing the Kylo one home and telling me that I can't have him until Easter, if that one counts great.
  5. Hey all, I'm admittedly more a lurker than a poster here but I figured I'd chime in. mine had the droop issue and after I (literally just) applied the mod it corrected it. that being said, it was put together correctly as I'm rather "thorough" to say the least. I purchased mine upon release last year, which was one of the first thousand or so made as it has the sticker error (that's going by what a Lego rep told me on the phone) and was built immediately after purchase, for anyone wondering batch/set age/how long it's been on display anyway back to the point. for those who are interested for doing it, I can speak for its effectiveness in correcting what it's supposed to. for me, it seemed a little more scary than it really was. bare In mind I'm not gutsy with performing surgery on loved display pieces such as this. great mod, great set. cheers.
  6. just picked up Kylo Rens shuttle finally..drove 4 hours to my nearest toys r us force Friday and that was the one thing I forgot!
  7. ACpin that is quite the haul you have there! impressive, most impressive.
  8. aaroncb

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    it's showing up on the Canadian s@h, for me anyway.
  9. aaroncb

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    wow. what a gongshow this is, I'm struggling to get up to speed on this. we can't name sets, numbers or prices? I'm travelling 5 hours to mainland Nova Scotia because my local Walmart fails at getting stock when they're supposed to. I actually got paranoid and called Lego to confirm they're even releasing them force Friday and after a discussion the gentleman I spoke to in a roundabout way named Disney specifically as being behind the (failed) uber super Area 51 illuminati secrecy that's been taking place with almost every brand involved.
  10. picked up the new shuttle tydirium, imperial assault carrier and Death Star final duel. first time seeing them at my local wal-mart all summer, disgusting.
  11. aaroncb

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    guessing all the commotion over plasma is over David halls video? (solid brix)
  12. aaroncb

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I agree. I'd love to have a full squadron of A wings to sit next to my squadron of T-47s on stands.
  13. aaroncb

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    yes. a full list of TFA sets is out.
  14. aaroncb

    [MOC] Obi Wan's jedi starfighter

    Beautiful rendition I must say. the underside is very simple and clean!
  15. aaroncb

    Future Star Wars Sets

    rebels provides a great opportunity for new sets we haven't seen before and a new worthwhile spin on things we have seen before