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    Review 6180 - Hydro Search Sub

    NICE MOC YOU GOT THERE OH WAIT NO THATS AN OFFICIAL SET ATOMLOL While it certainly doesn't seem to look like a model one would believe to be real, it does appear to be a very fun set, so that's... more or less the reason what makes it rather appealing. Lots of stuff to do ine one little ship, so ya.
  3. Aubeltastic

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    They look like figures from Kinder Surprise Eggs, especially because of the way their hair looks. Not even really sure it will sell all that well since The Simpsons are on a steady decline while the next movie is still not on its way out yet. Oh well, collector's stuff ahoy. Blah.
  4. Aubeltastic

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Lego is like the old business that thinks they can go through with their plans without realizing the steady growth of the internet and its redneckbeard people on it that customize and sell something everyone needs and wants. Of course it's stupid, thinking they can wait and - until then - sell some of these or those figures in order for the people to buy those instead and only THEN release the other ones later on down the line. Expecting neckbeards to buy them all... but it kinda works, so eh. And they are available outside the US, my dear Aubel. Chinatown stores around the globe, Poland's huge black market, flea marts and of course ebay itself are oppurtunities to get THE figure you always wanted, but would never buy anyway.
  5. Aubeltastic

    [MOC] Ghost Rider

    Still looks like someone put a tube on his head, and that's really what it is. But it is better than putting a single flame on his head and being done with it. Good idea to not use Catwoman's torso for that. The bike is good, but you should know that yourself.
  6. Aubeltastic

    [MOC] Batman, The Batcave

    Jesus Christ, that looks crowded. Way too crowded for such a small space. It would be good to remove some of the vehicles or figures, because it's almost unbearable for my eyes to look at this "clusterblock" (for that word I should already punch myself in the face). But yah yah, other than that, it surely looks detailed and stuff. But I can't see a lot.
  7. Aubeltastic

    [MOC] Krusty's Skate Park

    It's weird ramp. So he rides on his board and then crashes into the barrier. Ok. What. Other than that, you seem to be a pre-teen anyway, so eh. Guess it's okay.
  8. Aubeltastic

    Purist Superhero Figures

    >two different shades of green Ew. Don't.
  9. Aubeltastic

    Sup Nerds

    I see that you have a LEGO message board or likeminded people that refuse to grow up and consider themselves little, special snowflakes.. so, of course, I had to join in. So yeah. Here I am.
  10. At least there weren't any bugs, I guess. Sounds nice enough for you, hooray.