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    Mini Treebeard

    Feel this is a great size! Got to agree that Lego's Ent doesn't look great! Nice job!
  2. LewisGilbert

    MOC: Hadrian's Wall

    Love this set of photos and the history lesson attached! Adds so much more to an already amazing MOC!
  3. LewisGilbert

    [MOC] Brako Camping Trailer

    Saw your Zastava post yesterday and liked it! At first I thought cool trailer, then i saw the constructed frame! You'll have to get the cloth for this!
  4. LewisGilbert

    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    Great job White Fang! This looks like it'll be my first 'Cuusoo/Lego Ideas set!
  5. LewisGilbert

    [MOC] Mini Tower Bridge

    A beautifully executed piece! I really enjoy the clever techniques used in architecture MOCs!
  6. Great work Yooha! I've enjoyed every set in this series and this is no exception! Keep it up!
  7. LewisGilbert

    YMCA concert animation

    Love this haha! Video's full of life and well animated for a LDD project! The fox (?) cooking the skeleton on the flame... don't know how anyone would think that up but :laugh:
  8. LewisGilbert

    (MOC) modular parkinggarage (LDD)

    Original concept and cleverly executed; I like! Its particularly good that you've gone for the ramp, rather than the space-saving car elevator (realistically, where has these!?) If I could make one recommendation i'd orientate the car park differently; so that the modular is 64 wide and 32 back. This would allow it to fit in with other street scenes. Nice work!
  9. LewisGilbert

    MOC: Food Truck

    This is amazing! One of the most compact and clever MOCs I've seen! Supported!
  10. LewisGilbert

    Intro and first vid

    Hello Brick Fan Tan! Great to hear you're getting into brickfilms! Went to watch your video but I ended up watching a funny video on pie charts instead!? I think I found your video - 'lego knights conga in long grass' - which had some good animation. I particularly enjoyed your technique in removing the minifigure's legs for effect! You might want to use an overhead desk lamp to keep lighting consistent, and I'd recommend adding a printed background to your films. Good luck with future projects!