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  1. Brutal André!! Grande atenção aos pormenores, está divinal! A malta da CP ia ficar impressionada… Eh Eh Que bom ver mais um conterrâneo aqui por estas bandas… (Sorry for writing in portuguese, I couldn't resist…)
  2. Hook

    [MOC] La Couronne (1636)

    For a first MOC, not bad... One of mine favourite ships! It need's a few improvements, but with time you will get to it Did you made it in LDD...? I'm curious about the way you made the curvature of the bow
  3. Hook

    [MOC] Playstation CMF Series

    Woooow...!! Those Uncharted minifig's are absolutely amazing...!! Very cool and with a lot of detail's, specially Drake's ring with "Sic Parvis Magna" inscription on it... Great job...!! P.S.: I would submit it on Lego Ideas... Just a thought...
  4. Hi, my LDD has been recently updated but have this weird problem as you can see on the following image... And it's always with the same piece (Hose/Out Cable 8.8mm found at LDD Extend Mode) Does anybody had the same problem? I've already installed the program twice, but it keeps doing that...
  5. Hook

    MOC-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw''

    Absolutely amazing...!!
  6. Hook

    Gilded Crow - 22 Gun Galleon

    Once again... amazing job! The sail are also quite impressive... congratulations!! I could use your help for my project... starting to lose my patience...
  7. Thank you for the replies @Legolijntje: I tried for several days run the program with the expectation of a sucessfull update, but nothing... Then i deleted the program from my computer and redownload it from Lego website, just as you said, but as he tried to run LDD the same message apeared again... so i don't have an idea of what can be When it comes about computers i don't know nothing...
  8. Hey... I'm having a little problem with my LDD. Before everything i'll have to escuse for my english... i'm from Portugal and it has been a while the last time i've writen in english So... my problem is the following one: a few weeks ago, when i started to run the LDD program, he began to update (or at the least, he tried...) new bricks and all. After completing the update, appears a message saying "LDD cannot access to the web server to retrieve new brick. Do you want to run in offline mode?" In case my english is not totally understandable, I leave you a picture of what i mean... :laugh: http://tinypic.com/r/4r96br/8
  9. Hook

    Gilded Crow - 22 Gun Galleon

    Absolutely perfect...!! But the hull part i meant was the cabins, like the photo you posted before these... Maybe i'll post a photo of my ship, so you can see where i'm stuck... Thanks again...
  10. Hook

    Gilded Crow - 22 Gun Galleon

    It's exactly that...!! This is the system that i was building on my ship, but never found out how to avoid the pieces (like your windows) to bent to right position... now i know a solution to that problem If you could get more photos from other angles of that hull section i would apreciate it Once again many thanks
  11. Hook

    Gilded Crow - 22 Gun Galleon

    Hi, I meant to say the hull part where the cabin windows are... That's what i wanted to know, how did you bent that section... Is there any possibilities you could send me that file to see how did you do it, i'm interested in the cabins... If you want, we can discuss this matter by Private Messages
  12. Hook

    Gilded Crow - 22 Gun Galleon

    WWooooowwww....!!! :pir-oh: I've seen this topic from the begining and i'm absolutely spechless, this ship is amazing!! The colours, the shape, everything!! I'm also building a galleon, and one of the major problems i'm having at the moment is to do the hull like the Crow on that part of the cabins, i suppose you couldn't get me a photo of the that part of the ship, could you?? Once again, congratulations for the magnificent work and i apologize for my english, i'm portuguese and it has been a while since the last time i writed in english