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  1. 2 : 2 3 : 2 7 : 2 21 : 2 22 : 2 31 : 2 35 : 2 39 : 2 46 : 2 55 : 2 if i was spending $$ i'd probably buy these & several more
  2. what about having some kind of regularly scheduled build theme ? like beginning of each month some thing is presented (like robot arm) and then by the end of the month people post their robot arms. or animals, cars, whatever, the point is picking some kind of thing & then people in the group building that thing & posting pics i went to lego group several years ago that had monthly build topics, people would pick the topic at one meeting & then build for the next. doesn't need prizes or voting, just something to build for the month
  3. oops, well the pieces are disassembled & I don't have time/motivation to rebuild (long whine here) I suppose I could rub them out of the jpg pics but that would look goofy given my minimal mspaint skills how about I claim that the minifigs are for promo photo only & not included in the piece count ? or maybe just not worry about it given that my entry is not likely to be too competitive for 1st place ? thanks update: so this is resolved, I sent some messages to Jim, my entry is OK as is, just not eligible for prizes, which works for me because I did actually build the thing etc and of course will appreciate your votes anyway
  4. 30. Space Patrol Vehicle Entry Name - Space Patrol Vehicle Part Count - 175 Function Summary - 1 - rolls well 2 - includes 3 cool minifigs 3 - gun mount rotates & elevates Promo Image - Parts Image - WIP thread with a few more pics - http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96521
  5. whew done total pieces 175 a few more pics
  6. 2 questions about the "promo image" 1. can the "promo image" include sub-images ? ie. there is 1 big image and possibly 1 or more smaller images stitched or overlayed into the larger image ? or what about 1 large image composed of 4 smaller rectangular images ? 2. can the "promo image" include pieces that are NOT counted against the 200 limit ? both of these questions have already appeared in some excellent promo images... thanks
  7. yes cool model & good photos, but I think it needs 2 more wheels does that mean image stitching is allowed ? 1 of the rules was (I think) only 1 photo allowed, but above clearly shows 2 smaller images stitched into a larger image this should be clarified in the rules please
  8. phase 2 done total pieces about 180 including gun & 3 minifigs, flatbed truck w/out gun & mfigs about 100. now plenty of time to decide what next, either downsize again & add some trickery or call it a wrap, disassemble & take the pieces pic...
  9. thanks for looking yes colors are a problem because I only bought 3 technic sets & a few bricklink orders as a base. I'm not planning on spending too much more $$ on this hobby, I already sold the 12 city sets & after a year or so probably sell these sets too. yes functionality also an issue but I'm not sure I'll be adding much more than rolling wheels (wheee) and a movable gun on back. yes plenty of very good builders here but somebody has to represent the amateurs
  10. phase 1 complete !! but of course too many pieces, the flatbed truck is about 200 & I didn't bother counting the artillery piece which uses the small turntable & can elevate. a bit clunky but good enough for my first technics model phase 2 is downsizing, stay tuned !!
  11. minifigs show up as 4 seperate pieces in the city sets (see downloadable instructions etc) so it seems reasonable to count them that way but i'm not the rules moderator
  12. excellent i'm also planning to include a few minifigs & assume the piece count is 4 per minifig ? legs torso head hat/helmet etc
  13. a bit more effort to lower the cab height, next is better connect/cleanup and a bar for the minifigs to sit on. colors are a bit wacky i'm using 42009, 42023, 42024 as a base for pieces piece count about 100 so far, which leaves another 100 for the backend, either an artillery piece BOOM BOOM or tilt-a-bed/ramps for trailer & also a small 6 wheeler racing car
  14. styling is robust kind of jeepish maybe some nicer wheels but worth buying just for the parts buying parts on bricklink is expensive and yes, 1 red square piece for hood would be nice, just have 2 pins so it can open up. i'm going to be really tight with pins to keep the piece count down, not as stable, but all the model needs to do is not fall apart while taking pics