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  1. Well, that's £19.99 saved!
  2. The Imperial Landing Craft, with a free Han Mudtrooper polybag.
  3. 5 x 40176 to scalp on eBay... Well, other people do it...
  4. I only saw them in store, I'm afraid. They had them and the R3 polybag as well. Both £2.
  5. Not sure where to post this but 40176 - Scariff Trooper is available for £2 in the Entertainer at present, in the UK.
  6. A 'few days'? In the Lego store? You're optimistic.
  7. Hauler's the best looking of the three, IMO.
  8. That speeder bike reminds me of the Mutant Skycutter in Thundercats.
  9. Panthro

    A market for built Lego kits?

    Not a bad idea, actually, but I won't have as much space for my collection in the new place. Yup. I've already given some stuff away but I suppose I could always pay for storage and save them from the bin.
  10. Panthro

    A market for built Lego kits?

    Correct. I have about 15 SWs kits that I've built and because I'm moving house, they can't come with me.
  11. Panthro

    A market for built Lego kits?

    Thank you, kind Sir. I never think to look at Bricklink.
  12. Could go for that Imperial Hauler but I'm moving, so it'll have to stay on the Lego store shelf.
  13. Morning all May seem like a stupid question, but is there much of a market for Lego kits which have already been built? I'm moving in the near future and have some kits which can't come with me - amongst others, a 9500 Sith Fury Interceptor with all minifigures - and I'm going to have to get rid of them. So it's either the bin or eBay... Thanks Andrew
  14. Just Han's speeder and the Imperial pack for me, I think.