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  1. Kitty

    [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    Great job hubby! Just need a very large living room ...
  2. Kitty

    LEGO Media Fan Days 2017

    Sorry, i honestly don't know and i don't have close up photos ? Maybe Jim will post some later ?
  3. Kitty

    LEGO Media Fan Days 2017

    We will be staying until Friday. Jim will posts some more photos when he's home ?
  4. Great first day!!!: tour in the LEGO House, meeting RLFM's, Q&A with the CEO and the secret unveiling Some photos for the impression:
  5. Hereby i want to thank you all for the great event!!! It was nice seeing u guys and girls again Special thanks to Holodoc & Copmike for organizing the event See u all in Billund!
  6. Kitty


    Wowww, very nice! Well done
  7. Kitty

    Elysée Palace

    Very nice!!!
  8. Nice Pic!!! Thx again Holodoc & Bonaparte for the great organization! And to all participants for the great fun! See you guys next time
  9. Kitty

    2016 Technic Reviews

    Ur welcome!!! Looking forward to the next few weeks
  10. Kitty


    Thx, adventurer1! I can wait to see ur MOC...
  11. Kitty


  12. Kitty

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    Finished the LEGO House and now starting to build the Front Loader (for Jim )
  13. Kitty


    Hahaha, thx... I only help Jim out to build Technic models, so I'm not really a female technic builder... Sorry for the disappointment Jim is working on it
  14. I totally agree with Jim! The organization was very great, thx for all the people who made this event possible!!!
  15. Kitty


    Hi everyone, My name is Kitty (girlfriend of Jim). After the awesome EB event 2014 I must be an member I really like to build modular builings and the winter village sets and occasionally I need to build a Technic set for Jim