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    MOC: Hadrian's Wall

    I like it very much ! It is very original way of building (on construction, on war, in snow, etc). I repeat me but very original !! And nice photos...
  2. OCAS

    [MOC] Police Van

    Hi ! Here is my police VAN, the first part of my projet "Civil war pré-APOC" with many different factions (state police etc etc). I hope you will enjoy it ! OC&AS
  3. OCAS

    [MOC] Abandoned Factory Modular

    Very NICE & ORIGINAL !! I like the graFFiti stickers, it's give a nice style...
  4. OCAS

    Modular Stadium

  5. OCAS

    Modular Stadium

    Yes i will post photos from the 8 modular block + zoom on VIP Lounge, Bars, etc. Here a little photo with crazy fans (Ultras OC&AS ! ) on the stand for "Home fans"
  6. OCAS

    Modular Stadium

    No ! It's just coming from my imagination. So i had to redo it sometimes ;-)
  7. OCAS

    Modular Stadium

    I haven't count how many swiss francs i have spent for this stadium. But sure it was not 100$ ;-)
  8. OCAS

    Modular Stadium

    Here some informations about the capacity : - Main stand : 200 seats - Stand "home fans" : 450 standing places - Stand behind the goal : 2x 95 seats - Quarter stand : 3x 118 seats - Stand for "away fans" : 200 standing places TOTAL --> 1'394 places (744 seats and 650 standing) And excuse for my bad english ;-)
  9. OCAS

    Modular Stadium

    The world cup can begin… the modular soccer stadium is here ! A bigger presentation will follow in some weeks. I will introduce the 8 main modular parts of this stadium. OC&AS