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  1. To quote our rules: The winning entries will be judged by the jury upon: * Overall coolness and creativity * Inspired originality * Uniqueness * Creative use of parts While photography isn't mentioned, it definitely helps your cause to have awesome photos of your creation. If you take them on a dark night, in the fog, it's difficult for us to see how awesome your villain is. :-)
  2. I refer you to the official rules, which state: "Entries cannot be revised or altered once submitted, so give us your very best photography right from the start. "
  3. Yes, that's totally fine. The better your photos, the better your chances.
  4. 1. If you refer to the rules, you can see that the entries will be judged on: • Overall coolness and creativity • Inspired originality • Uniqueness • Creative use of parts Bionicle-ness isn't mentioned, however, when the Lead Designer, the Marketing Manager and one of the most awesome Bionicle builders alive are the judges, I'd say you should build accordingly. 1.5. Again, referring to the rules: " Copies of/or in other ways infringements relating to any existing third party property or any other intellectual property right will not be eligible for the competition" It's quite clear. No 3rd party IPs. 2. The 75/25 ratio is a rule of thumb, designed to have entries be more or less equal, giving the judges the ability to compare the entries in a fair manner. We will not be counting pieces per se, but again, use your good judgement. 2.5 You can create a background, and it will not count in the 75/25 ratio. But remember that it's your MOC that is being judged. 3. Technic is Technic and System is System.
  5. It's up to you - there is a gold mask at stake here, so I'd submit the highest quality image of my creation as possible! :-)
  6. I would say that withdrawing an entry from the competition would be up to the entrant. But please carefully consider before entering to avoid this happening, as it can create confusion when the judging begins. I'd advise you to post the best photo you have in the entry thread and link to a Flickr (or other) gallery of the rest of the shots, but we don't have a specific rule about this. 1. Yes, but, to quote the rules: "Anyone can submit multiple entries to the challenge, but only one (1) entry per person will be considered when the final winners are selected." This means that your MOC can only be selected from one of the sites where you enter it, so you won't make the top 5 6 times. 2. There are no limits on the number of the entries, so build to your heart's content. 3. We have not placed a picture limit, but I would suggest that you post your best photo in the thread and provide a link to a gallery of shots elsewhere (Flickr, etc.) 4. You may write a description with your entry and give it a name, but this is not a requirement. As long as the color is active in LDD, you can use it - I'm not sure when the elements for the coming sets will appear there, but if they are there, you may use them.
  7. It's not explicitly forbidden in the rules, so I don't see why not.
  8. Yes, you can use a revamped version of a MOC you made before. And as for revamping an existing character, it's not against the rules, but you might want to remember.... "The winning entries will be judged by the jury upon: • Overall coolness and creativity • Inspired originality • Uniqueness • Creative use of parts"
  9. As long as it is official LEGO set packaging, I can't see why not. Technic counts on the Constraction side - so it's Bionicle, not System. I don't know of a catalog, but perhaps someone else here does and can help with a link. Establishing the percentages was more a rule of of thumb to help the judges be able to compare all entries fairly because they are more or less built in the same way.
  10. HI Kristof, Thank you for this question! Since modified/painted parts aren't allowed for physical builds, we believe you should stick to the available colors if you build in LDD. Thanks, /julie
  11. julochka

    Contest Turtle Contest Poster revealed!

    Hello Everyone, Posters were put in the mail today, unless I haven't yet received your address - those last few who haven't provided your address (you know who you are, because you've got a mail from me), please send it to me if you'd like your poster! Just a note on the shipping - within the EU, they were sent via ordinary post. Outside of the EU, they will come via DHL. Thank you all, once again, for playing along! /julie
  12. julochka

    Contest Turtle Contest Poster revealed!

    Hi Everybody -- A couple of notes...if you got more than one turtle on the poster, you WILL get multiple posters. Choosing the turtles for the poster was NOT easy! And it was, in the end, a complicated mix of the ones our three judges liked best, the peer voting and, to be honest, the aesthetics of the poster, in addition to high quality photos of the awesome turtles. We are super grateful to all of you for sharing your amazing and creative turtles with us and if there had been room for 286 turtles on the poster, I can tell you that we would have used them all, but nobody would have had a wall big enough for that. They were all unique and there was such a variety. I am in awe of your creativity, every one of you! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us here!