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  1. DickesC

    [MOC] Nooteboom 8 Axle Semi Trailer

    Thanks Time to gather "some" parts
  2. DickesC

    [MOC] Nooteboom 8 Axle Semi Trailer

    I think i have to build it ... One question: how many studs wide is the trailer?
  3. DickesC

    [MOC] Nooteboom 8 Axle Semi Trailer

    Wow, four Servos Thanks for the part list
  4. DickesC

    [MOC] Nooteboom 8 Axle Semi Trailer

    Let me guess: One LiPo and two Servos?
  5. DickesC

    Jaguar 4x4x4

    Nice one! .lxf of the complete front axle would be great ;-)
  6. Sure, here you go Nearly 1000 hours of LDD building ... and 300 hours of real building plus some hard times to get alle the parts...
  7. Lucio Switch Tractor Truck in a 4-Axle-Dump-Truck Version After weeks of building ... still not finished.... Ahh, and i forget one: Sariel's Leopard 2 ... redesign it with LDD just from the few pics he released ... but it is done
  8. DickesC

    [MOC] SUV Racer

    Detailed pictures of the front axle would be nice
  9. DickesC

    [MOC] SUV Racer

    No universal joints? How does the steering works without? ;-)
  10. DickesC

    Elefant heavy tank destroyer (RC)

    ... waiting for a tasty hamster ;-)) Btw: great tank, as always
  11. Great review Little question about the controller If you choose an effect, turn of the power, and then turn it back on: Will it remember the last effect choosen? I think of a remote controlled warn light Thanks
  12. DickesC

    XL Differential

    If you look at this picture I think there is nothing that prevents the turntable on the right side to go "up" (and the left one to go "down") But i think it has to be built to check that
  13. DickesC

    XL Differential

    Has anyone actually built this? From the pictures i think it will break under high load
  14. DickesC

    NMOCs You've built

    1. Sariel's Leopard 2 2. Zblj's The Fox No instructions, but who cares ;-)
  15. DickesC

    Lego Technic Tractor Truck

    Hi Are there any detailed pictures of the back axles? Thanks