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  1. Does anyone know of a compact transmission where the output will only spin one direction. I have attempted to make a ratchet based transmission but it has problems with gears meshing. if possible a 1:1 ratio for it ?
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    Need Help Replicating Historic Engine System

    Here's the file for my engine, it still needs connections between the middle two legs and the cylinder assembly. Titanic tripple expansion
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    Need Help Replicating Historic Engine System

    I will see if I can find my original ldd file and post it, if it would offer any help on creating the cylinders.
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    COPPA and Technic Youtube creators

    Maybe this petition would offer some initiative to changing the implications on content creators, it already has half a million signatures.
  5. I thought a model of the SBrick would be useful for anyone who would want to use this model for creating instructions, as this part is used by many in the Technic community. One of the reasons I created this is I currently like using digital software to design the internal layout of some of my models to see how larger PF components fit within my desired scale constraints. So I created a model in Autodesk Fusion 360 from measurements of the SBrick, I then went through a couple steps to exporting from the STL file from Fusion 360 to an OBJ for's Part Designer with Blender. This tool works well, and I definitely see it being useful for other custom 3D printed parts in the future. I will see about getting other Power functions parts into in the future, as there is an option to import ldraw parts. I could also see about getting this part published in's part library, however since it isn't an offical Lego part, I am not sure how possible that would be, but Bricklink also supports selling of 3rd party parts, so maybe if there was enough of a demand for this it could happen. SBrick part file for You will need Part Designer to add the part to your custom parts library in Part recreated in CAD A quick render of the SBrick in, unfortunately the part designer lacks the functionality to assign different materials to parts. Unless I wanted to use decals, but I originally thought I could UV map a material to it, however that didn't work. also there is some minor mesh artifacts that are visible in the view port, but don't appear to show up in the renders, these are flat surfaces, maybe converting to ngons would fix that issue. Showing the functionality of snapping parts to the SBrick.
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    SBrick custom part for

    Here's the F3D file v8.f3d
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    COPPA and Technic Youtube creators

    I'm gonna play it safe, as bad as it is to loose community features and comments, it's not worth the fine. Unfortunately from a legal sense anything Lego could be deemed as a toy regardless of the scope or context, that puts any of us at a risk if we decide to mark as not for kids. I could show my content to any audience, while my demographics show 87% of my viewers to be over 18, what's stopping kids from using their parent's accounts or ignoring age requirements. The other thing I am curious about is what if something isn't designed to be viewed by kids, but is? I'm guessing Youtube will take action against those, as the FTC is more concerned about a child's data. if that happens, I would rather have my content deleted from Youtube than get finned, I can move my content elsewhere if that happens. It's really unfortunate, this will basically kill any sense of community on Youtube for my interacting with my audience, it would just be a number, It will also probably kill any channel focused with child friendly content, as it wouldn't be profitable for Youtube, so it would be probably be pushed back in the visibility algorithms. I would be fine marking the videos as for children or some intermediate age group that would still allow for these features, but disable ad tracking. Another thing that will be interesting, to see how it pans out. What happens to channels that are inactive, what if they never set an audience as they left YT years ago, could the FTC go after them if YT defaults content to be not view-able by children based off of some algorithm that could be wrong?
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    Arduino -Many motor question

    You could use an H bridge motor driver, they only require 3 pins per motor, so with an Arduino mega you could control 17 motors(minus pins for control, unless you plan to automate everything with the Arduino), otherwise, you could get several Arduinos, and have a master/slave system for multiple motor control if needed. then you would need some sort of Bluetooth shield to interface with the Arduino to provide control over a smartphone or other Bluetooth device. H bridge motor driver for 2 motors ( this driver is only rated to 1.2 A but can handle 3.2A for a short period, an XL motor will stall at 1.8A, so it could potentially damage the driver if you are pushing past 1.2A under load) BLE pinout board Lego motor specs and current draw
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    LEGO Porsche Tiger GuP.ver

    This looks amazing, you added a lot of surface detail as well. I was kinda surprised after watching the video, as I thought "oh, they just sped up the footage right?", then I realized there was 12 L motors inside, that's kinda overkill, not sure how much of a benefit that would have compared to 4( or more) buggy motors, but maybe you could get more speed out of those, but potentially loose torque. You made a lot of good improvements over my Tiger P, also the photos look stunning with that hard light / contrast.I look forward to seeing more models from you, as there is such a diverse selection of tank models to choose from, and many haven't been built in Lego form before.
  10. I was greeted by this today, it appears TLG took legal action against people uploading Lego related models to Thingiverse, a 3D printing file hosting site. Not sure if the same will happen to Shapeways in the future. I am posting this here, as I know that 3D printed solutions offer more creative options for many builders in the Technic community. I am presuming that it was just a mass ban of anything with Lego involved in the description or title, and my design got caught up in that. However there are still parts on that site that contain direct copies of Lego bricks available. This still effects custom models designed to fill gaps in Lego's lineup of bricks, not just direct copies. I understand the reason behind this, to protect TLG, but I also fail to see how someone 3D printing Lego copies would have little to no effect on TLG, additive manufacturing is so slow and costly compared to injection molding. Maybe this moderation is just in wake of the Lepin/3rd party copies earlier this summer. This article appears to cover the news in more detail
  11. Also it appears shapways provided that it was a trademark infringement, however thingiverse mentions just an IP infringement. I assume those are the same, however I am more frustrated that the result of this basically means I cannot fix my description of my model on thingiverse's site and reopen the model to the public, as basically once a DCMA happens it feels like there is little I can do to dispute it besides reuploding the model, which I will do. But if there's something with the model itself that infringes on Lego, that could result in a ban of my thingiverse account. So I don't just want to go about doing stuff to circumvent the DCMA, just to get hit again.
  12. Also to state a similar case that happened recently on thingiverse. There was a similar case where a video game company Wargaming did a similar DCMA to items relating to WOT, and tanks related models, so users that didn't even have WOT in their description or models from that game suffered because of some people who directly ripped models from their game. This is somewhat different,as this was direct infringement and stealing of their products.
  13. I am not trying to do anything disingenuous, i just noted that a couple other users of thingiverse had their models taken down, I am not entirely sure of the scope of how many models, since I can't view them, but having models taken down on 3 of the major 3D printing sites would be considered significant. I and everyone else is assuming that this is a usage of the Lego word, and not of the model itself, but we have yet to receive reason of this. And like others, I am unable to dispute this to fix any issues with my model's description on thingiverse.
  14. The issue is they weren't clear with the take-down, the thing that I am confused by is why my model, as there are still hundreds of more models on thingiverse containing Lego in the title with no reference to compatible with.
  15. Here is a post on the 3D printing subreddit that I made. It has some traction, and maybe if we get enough feedback, Lego could give us some sort of official word on the take-down and if it is something to do with using Lego in the description/title, and what should be done in the future to avoid this. As even saying Lego compatible could still be an issue.
  16. The thing that upsets me is that this model and others will be stuck in moderation purgatory, with no way to see why the model was taken down in the first place, or get confirmation that we resolved IP infringements by removing anything Lego related in the description. I presume the reason is any use of the word Lego to describe the model. One easy solution would be to re upload the model without the use of Lego anywhere, something that I should have done in the first place.
  17. Tommy Styrvoky

    Ingmar Spijkhoven Passed Away

    He pioneered his niche area of building trucks, perfecting their designs and techniques and inspired many builders me included. He will be missed.
  18. Tommy Styrvoky

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    Which set of gears are grinding? As it has to be in the final drives, as the clutch system was rather robust when it was designed.
  19. Tommy Styrvoky

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    How well does the neutral steering work, as it should allow for more gradual turns.
  20. Tommy Styrvoky

    LEGO Boost interactive motor shaft

    I increased the spacing for the axle walls by 5 microns, I am going to keep the size for the original on Shapeways, as that is the dimensions that Efferman uses for his axles. spindle for boost motor v2.stl
  21. Tommy Styrvoky

    LEGO Boost interactive motor shaft

    Sure, I can do that tomorrow, also someone bought 2 of these from my shapeways shop, so I guess this is somewhat a common problem. Maybe I should increase the axle hole size by 5-10 microns, any idea how hard it is to insert/remove compared to a regular Lego one, as I recall from using FDM printed parts a difference of 10 microns made a large difference. You could probably do this with a FDM machine, thought it may need some tweaks to the stl file, and it may shear off the splines due to print orientation.
  22. Tommy Styrvoky

    SBrick General Discussion

    You need all of them powered for that profile to work, it wouldn't be too difficult to have multiple profiles for different models, as with a train, I presume you will be only using 1 port for directional control.
  23. Maybe if possible to introduce more functionality, the vents for the radiators on the P-38 can be articulated to control temperature.
  24. Wish I could enter this one, don't really have access to my collection at college, maybe time over break, though I have other moc's that need TLC. Will see... maybe I can whip up a Ju-87 at a decent scale. Though maybe for some inspiration. ... Yes that's a tank plane
  25. WIP rotary pneumatic valve by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr WIP rotary pneumatic valve by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr This is an idea that I have thought of when designing LPEs, it is currently sized for 3 4mm OD*1mm and 2 9mm OD*1mm o-rings. There still is a lot of work that needs to be sorted out with it, right now I am using 0.1mm clearances, though I suspect I may need to tweak some fittings for the location of the peripheral o-rings to seal, though not provide too much friction on the core of it, maybe increasing to .15 clearances, though I don't want it to be too loose. Another issue I need to sort out with the core of it is the distribution of air, currently the valve only distributes air to the 0° and 90° positions, I need to figure out a method for routing air on an offset of 180°. there is also no exhaust port mounted on it either. One of the advantages to this system, it would be possible to create offsets on the core model for 120° and 60° crankshafts. cross section, all of the air pathways are 1.5mm in diameter. WIP rotary pneumatic valve by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr