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  1. okiba75

    [MOC]: Gallardo's Garage (6-wide Cars)

    Great ideas and fantastic builds! A big thumbs up from me :)
  2. okiba75

    RoscoPC's Lego Technic Racecar Stable

    Well there are some pretty expensive parts in this lot :) Particularly the 4x8 plate in dark blue and the 1x8 technic brick... I'm going to run some numbers tonight to see how many extra parts I'd need to complete this one!
  3. okiba75

    RoscoPC's Lego Technic Racecar Stable

    Awesome! I just finished building the McLaren MP4 so I think I'll have to add the Williams to the set :)
  4. okiba75

    CityMotors - Hot Hatch & Sedan

    Working on a couple of new additions to the fleet :) This time we're releasing a couple of sedan & wagon variants and a new convertible option!
  5. okiba75

    CityMotors - Hot Hatch & Sedan

    I might see if I can fit a 40-gallon drum in the boot :)
  6. okiba75

    CityMotors - Hot Hatch & Sedan

    Hi team, Here's a couple of images of my latest LDD designs brought to life in Lego! The first is a hot hatch for "small" city cars: Also available in a cabriolet version: For those with more sedate tastes, an unassuming sedan: Thanks for looking! :)
  7. okiba75

    Review: 10242 - Mini Cooper Mk VII

    Can't wait until this goes on sale in Australia! :)
  8. okiba75

    friendly Lamborghini Gallardo

    I'm really loving these six-wide creations - it's inspiring me to fire up LDD and try some of my own! :)
  9. Absolutely incredible!
  10. Confirmed - I got a couple of the bike shop sets using this deal at Myer Highpoint:)
  11. okiba75

    [MOC] Ghostbusters 1959 Black Cadillac Miller-Meteor

    Awesome work! I'm going to build a sedan version :)
  12. 8110 has arrived - so many parts!!!

  13. okiba75

    MOC - city vehicles

    Awesome, thank you! The Torana is my favourite :)
  14. okiba75

    MOC - city vehicles

    sweet designs! any chance we could see an LDD to build our own?
  15. okiba75

    [MOC] Marge Simpson's Wagon

    It's 24 studs long and 8 studs wide, 64 tons of American pride!