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    Geology, palaeontology, cars, drawing, creative writing, fantasy, Magic The Gathering and LEGO (obviously!)


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Yes, I know this needs updating... I'm just too lazy to do it

Hello there, I am TheOneVeyronian, a female London AFOL collector and general MOC'er who likes Star Wars, Chima, Sci-fi and Hero Factory, and has an interest in cars and geology. I am a lover of anthropomorphs, cyborgs, dragons, animals, new moulds, minifigs featuring modified head moulds, customising and creating modified heads and Hero Factory parts and music.

My Eurobricks Reviews:

70143 Sir Fangar's Saber Tooth Walker

70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple

Some of my MOC's and MOD's:


Please click on each picture to enlarge it.

See any MOC you like on this page or on my Flickr that isn't already on EB? Message me and I might post it on EB at your request Hopefully you can see why I am a "maverick builder" (thanks CapnRex101 for the term! )

Plus, if you want, check out my LEGO CarBorgs Project on Flickr (LEGO renditions) and deviantART (drawings and art which the LEGO renditions are made from), a modern world alternate universe featuring custom minifigs, custom ultrabuilds and System MOC's of vehicles and buildings (now finally launched!)

And here's some of my funny single pane comics!