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  1. Sirius Black

    Gotham City Mafia: Day Seven

    I've read about it happening before with a commuter in a book called Baritones 3, but that was a known hindrance, and not an unknown one, as Black Mask claims. Vote: Black Mask (Brickdoctor) While it is highly suspicious that you are univestigatable, I would say the primary reason that I am voting for you is simply because almost everyone else is semi-confirmed as a criminal at this point, either based on rooting out agents, or investigation results. Let's hope that we'll be done with this by tomorrow.
  2. Sirius Black

    Gotham City Mafia: Day Six

    Vote: Ra's Al Ghul (Fred Fred Burger)
  3. Sirius Black

    Gotham City Mafia: Day Five

    It seems we've gotten a bit off track, and are talking about who the Creeper wanted him to target, instead of the fact that he claimed he targeted someone he apparently didn't. Sure, he may have not understood Creep's request on who to target, but that doesn't explain these two quotes. If he indeed claimed he targeted Freeze, and was proven to have targeted Egghead, this case should be sealed .
  4. Sirius Black

    Gotham City Mafia: Day Five

    Why the complete 180 here? You go on a diatribe about how: 1. Creeps masterminded a plan where he would sacrifice four fellow agents 2. Somehow I am the scum killer/vigilante and he used me to kill off Scarecrow last night 3. You claim he's coming up with fake investigation results And then you have the guts to say that "you need more time to think on who is scum? Yeah, right. You obviously don't believe what you said earlier, or else you would have stuck with your story. And where the hell are you getting these five agents from? Vote: Zsasz (Nightshroud99)
  5. Sirius Black

    Gotham City Mafia: Day Four

    Vote Simon the Pieman (Scorpiox) Let's hope that Creeps will be 4 for 4 tomorrow morning.
  6. has no status. Or does he?

  7. Sirius Black

    Heroica RPG - Marketplace

    Bob walked into the marketplace, looking to pick up a few essentials for future quests. He quickly stopped by Porta's, where he picked up a potion, a fire bomb, a tonic and a nostrum for 50 gold, leaving him with 223. Moving on, though not without pondering a few more nostrums, Bob purchased a bedroll for 10 gold, resulting in 213 gold remaining. Deciding that this was good for now, Bob decided to leave and return to Heroi- "Ooh, Shiny!" The wagon in front of him, Elphaba's Magic wagon, as it appeared to be called, was filled with shining, sparkling gems. Forgetting about any notion of saving his money, Bob rushed over to the wagon and purchased A topaz gem for 100 gold, leaving him with 113. Looking around the shop, and not quite satisfied with all the curiosities in the wagon, Bob purchased a Nimbus Broomstick for 50 gold, leaving him with 63 gold, and, with what little gold Bob had left, he upgraded the Broomstick to WP 6 for 60 gold, leaving him with three gold. With a much lighter purse, and a significantly improved inventory, Bob headed back to the hall.
  8. Sirius Black

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Bob walked back into the hall, eager to find another quest to journey on. Unfortunately, he noticed the sign-ups for three quests had just closed, leaving only one available. Bob quickly penned his name under Quest 17, then set off for the marketplace, eager to put his gold to good use.
  9. Sirius Black

    Heroica RPG - Quest#9: Trespassers

    Bob would like Holy Bomb as well, assuming Holy Bomb is still available.
  10. Sirius Black

    Heroica RPG - Quest#9: Trespassers

    Bob once again casts fire, at Stav, from the back row.
  11. Sirius Black

    Heroica RPG - Quest#9: Trespassers

    Bob will cast a fire spell at Stav from the back row.
  12. Sirius Black

    Gotham City Mafia: Day Three

    Vote Deadshot (Rumblestrike) I don't really feel the need to re-explain why, seeing as others have done a thorough job, so I'll leave it at that. Scarecrow, that's a very clear line of reasoning there. Barring any future developments, I know where my vote is headed tomorrow.
  13. Sirius Black

    Heroica RPG - Quest#9: Trespassers

    Bob will cast a fire spell at Grof from the back row.
  14. Sirius Black

    Heroica RPG - Quest#9: Trespassers

    Bob's ears poke up at the discovery of the Opal. He too was interested in the gem. "Perhaps, seeing as there are several mages among company, Skrall should choose at random who gets it?
  15. Sirius Black

    Gotham City Mafia: Day Two

    I'm not quite sure what you are trying to imply here, Freeze. You may be referring to the wrong person, but a comparison between myself and Hush is hardly warranted, not to mention rather hypocritical, especially when others such as the Mad Hatter and Killer Croc have been entirely unproductive during the last two days.