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  1. Better don't do it, leave it just lego.
  2. No, I'm not an latvian, but i know g3k (gregorijs3kivi) least he told me his e-mail (gregorijs3kivi@inbox.lv)
  3. Are you really from latvia? I know just gregorijs3kivi...
  4. dirty bob 456

    Reviewing other people's MOCs

    I have no idea...
  5. dirty bob 456

    Flight using Lego

    Did the "dangerous" helicopter hit your eye? :D
  6. here is wip for my model http://www.eurobrick...=0#entry1909971s
  7. Small lawn mower MOC with AWD and steering (will have more features when done), few pics
  8. rc motor or 2 rc motors, quite low gear ratio, very top heavy, much weight at the back.
  9. dirty bob 456

    rc trophy truck "BANANA"

    Will fix that, when dad will catch a fish, and then drive home.
  10. dirty bob 456

    rc trophy truck "BANANA"

    pics: chassis
  11. Yes you can use them, but slightly less power.
  12. Teaser: 7,5 cm travel at back, 3,5 cm travel at front, 1260 g weight, 2 rc motors pics later... Oh, it is yellow.
  13. dirty bob 456

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Yes, looks nice.
  14. I dissembled my 42021 after 1h of playtime, just for new parts.
  15. dirty bob 456

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    For driven axles, ~ 7 studs, for 42000 hubs