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  1. Hello everybody I've got a problem with POV-Ray. It shows an error whenever I try to render and it says: Parse error: Cannot open include file ldd_colors_declarations.bin. I've added Library_Path="\\.\LDDIncludes" to povray.ini and it still doesn't work. Does anybody know how to solve this?
  2. Hunter1

    [MOC] Spyro the Dragon

    I do like this one! I can complain about your Spyro's belly, I mean it isn't bad, only looks a bit weird IMO, but this head... This head is amazing! Really well done, very nice details. -H1unter
  3. Hello there! I don't know if I post it in right forum, so please, don't be too angry, if it isn't place for things like that. To the point, today I present you my figure of The Magician (Ales Mansay) from Rayman series (variant from Rayman Origins and Legends). It's a quite simple MOC, but I do really like the final result and I hope that you'll like it too. For more photos click this link to the gallery on Flickr. The Magician (whose real name is Ales Mansay) is the main antagonist of Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends game. He's a Teensie wearing black cloak, purple shirt and very tall top hat with blue wig. Ales is the perpetrator of all chaos in the Glade of Dreams and author of his own steampunk city called Moody Clouds. His dream was to be as cruel and mysterious as his idol - Mr Dark. It's one of the reasons why he became evil and intimidated the whole land. Thanks for attention. Comments and criticism, as always, are welcome. -H1unter
  4. Hunter1

    Big Daddy Brutaka

    Great MOC. As it said Cirkit, he's keeping main features of original Brutaka that I can recognize it as mentioned character. You fill all gaps in CCBS armor very well (legs are simply awesome) and I like it, but, in my opinion, your Brutaka has too bulky torso. It would be better if he had slimmer but longer body. However, I like the overall look and its colour scheme (I could only complain about lack of dark earth blue pieces, which could be eventually replaced by trans purple ones, but it's still good). By the way, nice Toa Kopaka redesign. Silver looks much better than warm gold on him Good luck in the contest. -H.unter
  5. Hunter1

    [MOC]/[Revamp] Lord of Skull Spiders

    Thanks everyone and sorry that I'm writing this now, three months since time, when last post was published in this topic... However, answering the question: Lyichir, Lord-Vorahk, he isn't that hard to pose. It's much more problematic when his forearms with hands are outstretched in front of him, but normally my LOSS is stable enough to be able to maintain his weight and don't collapse. -H.unter
  6. Hunter1

    Queen Gohmin (BFGM)

    Not bad. I like the overall look and its errr... "style". Good luck in the contest! -H.unter
  7. Hunter1

    Scox (BFTGM)

    I simply love this MOC! It's one of the best BFTGM entries I've ever seen (and I've seen quite many of them ). This is simple, but has a lot of details; it's creative and originall (I prefer this than all these humanoid MOCs). I wish, it will win the contest. -H.unter
  8. Hunter1

    Xiroc: The Vengeful Shadow

    Hueh, pretty cool MOC. These tiny wings and high-hat make me laugh when I see it Nice torso and arms build. Good work. -H.unter
  9. Hunter1


    Really interesting head and torso design. As it said bjj8383, the head looks delicate, but I love all these details. Arms and legs are nice, especially calves and knees with all that bright green armor. And feet... these are good and looks pretty good, but I think they don't fit to the rest of the MOC. However, good MOC, good, but simply colour scheme and nice design. -H.unter
  10. Another MOC, errr... Replica... emmm... Revamp... whatever made by me. It shows my interpretation of Lord of Skull Spiders (huh, name such like from HF >.<). I made it about month ago, but I'm lazy and I publish it here now. For more photos click this link to the gallery on Flickr. Thanks for attention. Comments and criticism are welcome. -H.unter
  11. Hunter1

    Lego Ultra Agents 2015

    Names of new sets are pretty interesting, and this hooded guy reminds me Von Nebula... However, I'm really happy that Ultra Agents will be continued And, here's picture, how I imagine set UltraCopter vs AntiMatter: -H.unter
  12. Hunter1

    [MOC] Heroic Zaber

    Really nice MOC. The head and torso look great. I'm not sure about front legs, but hind ones are quite good. Good work! -H.unter
  13. Hunter1

    MOC: Annya

    And here it is, the next impressing MOC made by You, Pate-keetongu I really like the overlook of it. Torso, legs and arms have interesting and quite realistic look; and the proportions are good (almost as always in your humanoid MOCs). Head is nice too, but, I don't know why, it doesn't convince me as the rest of its creation. Practically, the only thing that I don't like in this MOC are a bit awkward shoulders, what already wrote Aanchir. However, it's still awesome piece of brickart and I really like it -H.unter
  14. Hunter1


    Excellent work! Your Tahnok and Tahnok Va are awesome. Nice mix of BIONICLE and HF parts with elements from LEGO System. And this Tahnok's head... Pure awesomeness. I could only complain about knees of this Bohrok - they, in my opinion, don't fit in the overall look. But they're not bad. And by the way: these two MOCs, made by You, Warhead, inspired me to make revamp of LoSS. So... thanks! -H.unter
  15. Hunter1

    MOC: Crab Beast

    Wow, nice and impressive MOC! What I like: claw arms (they're simply awesome), crab-like head and upper legs. What I like, but I like it less than things that I exchanged: toso. Its torso is good, but not as good as other parts of this MOC. In torso I really like only shoulder armor. However, well done. -H.unter