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  1. @Sjoemie himself, yes, there is a topic on this -> I even created an LDD for this on rebrickable. Still no decent pictures, however, I will create some this weekend ;)
  2. Hello, As a farming material enthusiast, I present to you, the Massey Ferguson 1250 articulated tractor. This is how it looks like in real life: Here's a video I don't create a lot of MOCs and I am definitely not that talented as most people here, but I want to create a LEGO version of this tractor. I am also not a frequent builder, so progress on this will be very slow (my Ahlmann took me 3 years or so to complete ). Today I made some progress and I have something that drives and steers. It all started with the wheels: I want to include planetary gears in this MOC, which is quite easy, since the tractor is articulated and no complicated steering mechanism is required. After some fiddling, I came up with the following axle: This was the first version, with yellow rims. The MF has grey rims and I need the new version with 6 pinholes (instead of 3, which can be found in the 8110, for example), to fit my planetary gear setup. After ordering the necessary parts, I started to make some progress: The rear axle has pendular suspension, which is realized by a turntable. There are 2 functions passed through this turntable: drive and PTO. The model uses an XL motor for driving. A large LA is used for steering. In the picture below I am using an L motor, but I think an M motor will suffice. As you can see, the whole rear of the tractor is pendular and it will feature a PTO a three point hitch.
  3. @Seasider curious to see your modifications. Please keep us updated.
  4. Sorry to dig up this old topic, but I finally found some time to finish the LDD. Please see:
  5. The model is the same size. You can see the 5L liftarm I mentioned below: The 20 teeth tan gear needs to be moved to the front, otherwise you will lockup the gearbox, due to there's another 20 teeth gear to power the differential.
  6. The moment I saw this set, I realized I wanted to reverse engineer it. I've had these wheels for a while, after finding them in some bulk. I never found good use for them (shame on me) until now. So, below is my take on the upcoming 42071 set: The rear: Probably not entirely correct, but the model is fully functional: This is the first time I did this, and really enjoyed it. Hope you like it.
  7. So I decided to build the Technic 40th anniversary model, out of nostalgic reasons. The problem is, as clearly stated in some of the reviews, there's a differential missing. As a result, the car doesn't steer nicely, so I decided to modify it and add a differential. Below are some pictures that show my modifications. Not sure if anyone else already did this, if so, feel free to merge this topic. It's actually not that difficult. Just disassemble part of the drive-train, use CV-joints instead of the universal joints. The gearbox on top also needs some modifications, so you have to add the above 5L liftarm and move the tan gear more to the front. I was planning on making an LDD file for this, so other people can build this.
  8. The 9390 tow truck had some interesting parts, like an orange 1x3 liftarm :)
  9. I bought this set a while ago, second hand. Looks very good and you captured the original "lines" very wel.
  10. Ahlmann Front Loader AF 1050

    Sorry to revive such an old topic but I found some time, this year to finish the model. I've put it on rebrickable: Now I need some time, to take some decent pictures.
  11. Sorry to revive an old topic, but I'm sure this will help others, trying to add linear actuators to their models. I needed some large linear actuators in my model that were not fully extended. The trick is the create an empty LDD drawing, with the actuator in it. Then, save it, without adding anything else. Rename the file you just saved to You should now be able to open the file and find a file, called IMAGE100.LXFML. This is an XML file, which you can read or edit. You can also find this file here. Below are the important parts of the file (you can open this with notepad, our your favorite editor): ... <Part refID="1" designID="62275" materials="309"> <Bone refID="1" transformation="-1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,-1,6,1.2000000476837158,0.40000003576278687"> </Bone> </Part> ... <Part refID="3" designID="62274" materials="199"> <Bone refID="3" transformation="-1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,-1,6,1.2000000476837158,0.40000003576278687"> </Bone> </Part> ... When you modify the value 6 (so, the value after -1, before 1.20000...) into something else you will see the actuator is extended or retracted. The LXFML file can also be opened directly in LDD. So you can play with the values, double click the file and you can see the result of your changes. When your satisfied with your changes, save it and now you can import this into your model, using the "File -> Import model" menu. I hope this helps someone.
  12. Sorry if this is too off-topic or if this has been asked before, but it's been a while since my last post and it seems the forum software got a major upgrade. Kudos for that. I am having issues with navigation through pages of threads, however. This has been reported already, please see The problem is, when you open a thread, like the one about the 2017 sets, there are 70+ pages. You should be able to navigate to page 2 by pressing the "next" button or the "2" button. None of those work, for me. I have already tried different browsers on different operating systems: Chrome on Linux, Windows 10 and Android, Edge on Windows 10, Firefox on Android and Windows 10 -> none of them work. As a workaround, you can click the next button, and then open the address bar and hit enter. But there must be a better way :( Anyone else seeing these issues? Thanks!
  13. Accessing new website on iPad

    same for me on following devices: - Linux + Chrome - Android both Firefox and Chrome - Windows 10: Chrome / Edge So for me, goto next page is not working on any device / any browser. This is very annoying since this makes it very complicated to read threads. And it is indeed related to the Technic forum :( Anyone can fix this? Or is there a browser I haven't tried yet that does work? I am willing to try anything ...
  14. Ok, Lexion with Terra Trac and Conspeed corn header :/ Yes, why?