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  1. Question: When pasting a group/selection of pieces, is it possible to keep the copied pin position, to help/speed up things with hinges etc. if it doesn't default to the pivot point you want? Also a heads up to others, version 1.6 Beta 2a is available at the LDCad homepage, not sure why Roland never announced it.
  2. When using Nested mode the camera keeps resetting(When working with springs etc.).
  3. Having some issues copy/pasting with this new version. Every time I paste, I lose at least one brick. Even starting a new model, adding just one brick, copy/pasting that one brick, It disappears. Is throws up a 'Missing LDraw file dependencies for the current model' error. http://s1.postimg.or...ldcad_error.jpg Any idea as to what's going on? Ah, noticed in the image, it's not using the full file-name, the 't' is missing from the end of 3024.da. Thanks.