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  1. Hey,

    Somebody recently bumped your Initiateur thread, and it got me wondering if you have an LDD file of that.

    If so, might I bum it from you?

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    2. Cousarmy0001


      my e-mail is cousarmy0001@gmail.com, if it's small enough for that.

    3. Dunkleosteus


      Done! Please be gentle with her :)

    4. Cousarmy0001


      I really don't get why you think it was a terrible design.  I get that for ships of the line the standard hulls aren't really appropriate because of how narrow they are (really, that argument can be made for just about any ship) but I think you did extremely well balancing out all of the dimensions the way you did.  I've always been concerned about making a ship too tall on the standard hulls, but you managed to make it look just about perfect, and you also broke up the straight lines from the overhead view a bit as well.  It's not a bad build!

      Incidentally, I haven't received it.  Could you check to see if it sent?

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