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  1. Superb work! It's one of those MOCs I've shown to non fans of lego and had them go wow. its fantastic not just in scale but in the details. Just as much care looks like its gone into the items of furniture than has gone into the architecture. Thanks for sharing! So much to look at and learn from. What's the bit your most proud of? Anything you feel could be done better?
  2. Thanks. That's what I'd figured between the information on the wiki and posts but thought to get some clarification. Besides we're busy in Nocturnus. Cant go round naming every tree and rock.
  3. Having had a look at the most recent map of Nocturnus, (from this thread), it seemed the eastern lands looked,well, a little small. Are the labyrinths the far western frontier? Are areas beyond that ours but contested? Or is it all just a plot by cartographers under pay of the other guilds?
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome Lord Mortis! I've always thought that Nocturnians had more respect for their flora and fauna than other guilds. Mainly because its often trying to eat you before you can eat it. *adopts bad russian accent* 'In dark Nocturnus trees hug you (before devouring your very soul)'
  5. TuftedDuck

    Free build: Kyrrath Fortress

    That's great, looks lovely! Nice textures worked through it. Studs out for beams works well against the smooth panels
  6. TuftedDuck

    NCS starfighter

    Lovely build LD!
  7. TuftedDuck

    [MOC] Skeletal Dragon

    Lovely build! What parts did you use for the spine?
  8. And that hand is firmly grapsed on behalf of the Dorathi council Lord Vladivus. Nocturnus resists! Thank you Gal-Turok!
  9. TuftedDuck

    Nessie exists!

    Goldfish are said to grow to the size of their bowl so monsters obviously grow to the size of the parts available! :) Looking forward to seeing the rest of the layout
  10. Greetings Lord Osric! Dorath is in the north of Nocturnus between the mountains and the sea. Previously a Mitgardian colony, the settlers became enamoured of their new lands and took its ways for their own. That's not to say that all of its citizens are human, but its no great rat army *bows* OOC- Glad you like the background! The wrapping paper was the closest large sheet of paper i could grab. Must admit it's growing on me as a back sheet
  11. Hail fellow Nocturnians! In this time of need Dorath opens its borders to refugees from war and to trade. Wanderers have been sent forth to gather information for our council, as knowledge is power and knowledge leads to life. One of their number, Cyrana de Dorath, travels westwards. Dorath is of Old Nocturnus, the red and gold, but what is tradition against new knowledge to be gained...
  12. TuftedDuck

    Nessie exists!

    Lovely! Nessie through and through! She usually has more 'humps' shown though. Can you make her a bit longer? Other than that i think you've done her proud
  13. TuftedDuck

    Fantasy Funnies

    Nice! Gone through that third picture too many times to count.
  14. TuftedDuck

    The Tranquil Meadow

    Great work on that tree. It's got a lovely realistic shape and proportion to it as well as the texture.
  15. Live beneath the red and gold