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  1. rogul

    Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    love the lights!
  2. rogul

    Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    as much as i enjoy the the layout.. adding gravel etc ARGHHHH!
  3. rogul

    SBB Crocodile

    what a great recreation! top notch!
  4. rogul

    City Square

    you sir should come design out city squares !
  5. rogul

    Boiler Issues

    would love one!
  6. rogul

    MOC: WIP-Ghost Train

    sooo cool.. awesome job
  7. rogul

    New Layout in a new country

    really like how you have done the entire landscaping.. wish i had the vision to be able to do something similar with my layout :)
  8. rogul

    7725 - old train, new bricks

    awesome.. i love the 7725.. my first train.. and it still goes perfectly!
  9. rogul

    Running 2 x HE on 12V track

    2 motors in the front did the trick!
  10. rogul

    Running 2 x HE on 12V track

    thanks Thomas and 12V will give that a go, stupidly never thought of 2 motors in the front!
  11. rogul

    Running 2 x HE on 12V track

    hmm i wonder if i can put the motor in the middle... 1.7m between is a drama! switch points i have an issue on a slope section which i have to play around with, on a flat track.. no issues.. i have had to adjust lots of other things due to the immense overhang regarding positioning of my tunnel, building etc though harnbak : horizon express
  12. Has anyone run a double HE on a 12V track... you need to run a second engine to get the pull, but then when it comes to lights the back engine will push the other one past and thus it wont stop. Any suggestions on how to make this work???
  13. rogul

    12v layouts, track geometry and rules

    with great difficulty
  14. rogul

    12v layouts, track geometry and rules

    u probably dont need to run more transformers, BUT run serveral extra connections from your transformer to each corner of your layout to keep power even... just make sure u kepe the polarity right
  15. rogul

    [MOC] Initial D 20th Anniversary

    nice drifting!