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  1. bricknerd

    Power Pick-up Wheelset

    Love it! I could imagine using those wheelsets not only to pick up power, but also to visually complete the metal wheels of the 9v motor on 6-axle trucks, maybe even upgrade my 9v models to all metal wheels. So - count me in :-) Do you have an idea already when they'd become available and for how much? EDIT: Needless to say that the 9v connector would be perfectly fine for me ;-)
  2. I thought so too at first, but then I started reverse-designing it in LDD and it actually looks pretty cool. It's the angle of the SC windshield which is a bit off in my eyes, though. The shorter, steeper one (#2437) looks much better. Looking at the side panels - isn't that a dark green 1x6 tile? The white part at the center with the "68" on it seems to be a sticker, not a 1x2 white tile. And in terms of sturdiness it would make perfect sense for them to use a 1x6 tile at this point. So your hope might become reality... Here's where I stand (wish they'd let me upload >100kB pics...):
  3. The hires pictures of the Mustang that have now surfaced show the new fender elements in more detail. They don't seem to be as much lower compared to the old ones as I thought (6 plates high instead of 7) but the lower 2 plates don't protrude beyond the body and are nicely curved inward instead. Like it.
  4. Count me in for the '68 Mustang Fastback and the two Porsches (I'm German, after all :-). The GTO looks nice, too, but I probably won't buy the big set just because of it. Looking closer at the Mustang, the Porsche 919 and the GTO - will we be getting new fenders? They don't seem to go as far down as parts #18974... EDIT: @RacerRabbit: Two eagle eyes ;-)
  5. I'm not in WRC, but this looks like an interesting build with lots of SNOTwork and new parts and colors. I can see... - New 2x2 triangle tiles in white, black and dblue - New in dblue: fenders, 1x2x2/3 curved slopes with cutoff corner - New in white: wheel covers And there might be more as the back of the car isn't visible. Not too bad for a small SC set!
  6. I was hoping for the Hoonicorn, but a 1968 Mustang fastback sounds interesting, too. Same for the 250GTO. Hope they reach the bar that this year's GT40 has set in terms of model quality and building techniques. To be honest I find the rest of the 2018 line up a bit disappointing, especially compared to the broad diversity of the 2017 models. Hopefully it'll at least get us new parts/colors, like the SC fenders in dblue or dgreen, or the cutoff 1x2 curved slopes in grey.
  7. yes - he is the head of the design team for SC
  8. :-(
  9. Somebody in this thread mentioned the F812 as a candidate for one of the expected Ferrari SC sets for 2018. So, maybe...
  10. Love your V2! Intrigued by the above V1 video and pictures I'd started designing a V2 myself - same idea of using face-to-face wedge plates on the side panels to mimic the grey striping :-) Wish I could post the LDD render, but that archaic 100kB limit won't let me ;-( EDIT: Here it is:
  11. bricknerd

    New LEGO Train Magazine - A Proposal

    I think it's worth trying a different business model for a Lego train magazine but - as others have mentioned - I'd personally love to have it called RAILBRICKS :-) And yes - I'd be willing to both subscribe and contribute to it. Keep going!
  12. bricknerd

    MOC UP H-20-44

    I built this model in Jan 2012. You know, if you like one of my models and want to build your own copy of it there's nothing wrong about it, but I'd appreciate it if you'd ask first and give proper credit.