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  1. Somebody in this thread mentioned the F812 as a candidate for one of the expected Ferrari SC sets for 2018. So, maybe...
  2. Love your V2! Intrigued by the above V1 video and pictures I'd started designing a V2 myself - same idea of using face-to-face wedge plates on the side panels to mimic the grey striping :-) Wish I could post the LDD render, but that archaic 100kB limit won't let me ;-( EDIT: Here it is:
  3. New LEGO Train Magazine - A Proposal

    I think it's worth trying a different business model for a Lego train magazine but - as others have mentioned - I'd personally love to have it called RAILBRICKS :-) And yes - I'd be willing to both subscribe and contribute to it. Keep going!
  4. MOC UP H-20-44

    I built this model in Jan 2012. You know, if you like one of my models and want to build your own copy of it there's nothing wrong about it, but I'd appreciate it if you'd ask first and give proper credit.