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  1. The geartrain on the 8265 DOES get wound up due to no centre diff. I believe that the model is accurate though, and that the real thing lacks a centre differential. I drive Land Rovers offroad quite regularly. The centre differential is always locked once offroad (where you get enough slip to relieve any tension), but having it locked on the road causes damaging gearbox wind-up, and increased tyre wear. Clearly this isn't a problem on A) Dirty great front loading mega-shovels used in slippery quarries and B) lego models of the same. A little slip is expected. You would never have an AWD road car without a centre differential as it would understeer like an absolute animal, and understeer feels like failure.
  2. But S@H charges 3.95 postage, so realistically, you only save £1.04, and you have to wait a bit longer
  3. Stafford Extra. Looks like it's one per store too, so make sure you reserve before collection!
  4. Wheels are big. Box is heavy. All five sets of instructions go up to 60-odd. There are some interesting new bits too. Really looking forward to cracing on with building it now
  5. I've just been out and bought my 8110 from Argos! I'd gone in to get the Supercar, cos I was bored, but saw the new catalogue and that the flatbed was in it, they had that in stock and the Mog came up as an alternative, so I checked that was in stock and BINGO! Pleased as punch
  6. Error level analysis is always worth doing on competition entries: