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  1. Entry # 9: The Great Space Race

    I present these models designed in LDD as my entry. It is a classic motif in science fiction not previously represented in the Space theme. I see this theme as an opportunity to offer new models as well as updates on classic themes and expansions of more recent themes. Because of the nature of the space race, it allows for the introduction of new and interesting characters.


    Open to all ship classes and species. The main feature of the theme is the removable and customizable engine cores. Presented are four contestants at the starting gate ready to test their ships against the challenges on the space race course.


    The Crimson Dart and the Asteroid Obstacle

    Featuring Vik Brickerson

    -Modular wing design

    -Flick-fire missiles

    Pieces: 333

    NOTE New Color/Piece Combo: Space Helmet in Dark Red


    The Stellar Phaeton BT and the Assault Drone Obstacle

    Featuring Bee Droid and Tee Droid

    -Concealed shield generator

    -Flick-fire missiles

    -Assault Drones with flick-fire missiles

    Pieces: 684


    The Dragon Flyter

    Featuring The Buggie Brothers

    -Storage bay

    -Flick-fire missiles

    Pieces: 632


    The Sequester

    Featuring the Fugitive Recovery Strike Team (FRST): Neil and Chance Zaphery in red and green, Doc Parto in blue, and Hjall with his pet cat Scuffles

    -Four retractable landing skids

    -Rear cargo hold for storing the Skiptracer speeder

    -Removable stasis pod for fugitive transport

    -Opening nacelles for engine access

    -Interior storage for crew

    Pieces 952

    NOTE New Color/Piece Combos:

    Plane fuselage tail, curved 4x4x2, curved 8x8x2, and nosecone w/ translucent yellow windscreen in blue

    I hope you enjoy my entry! Thanks for viewing, and thanks Superkalle and the other LDD Mods for offering such a great contest!

  2. I really liked the latest wave of space port offerings, especially the updated nose cone piece. Here I’ve merged the space shuttle from 60080 Spaceport and the 60078 Utility Shuttle along with a few extra pieces in the wings aiming for a more accurate representation of the retired NASA Space Shuttle with its four panel cargo bay and longer wing-profile. I hope you enjoy!




  3. I recently got the Mission HQ and then saw the comic app, surprised to find that P.U.P. didn’t make it into the physical set, so I built my own based on his digital appearance.


    It is similar to the Space Police Dog that came out a few years ago but the inclusion of the wedges required some extra support to connect the body parts together.


    There are only fourteen parts needed to put him together. For those interested, here is a visual breakdown.


    Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy!

  4. Here is my entry for the Home Sweet Home Category A Eurobricks contest.

    I haven’t really had much time to build anything with my work schedule, but I saw this contest and instantly had a solid idea that could come together in the time given. I was inspired by the 1950s era vision of the future, so I went with a space-styled bungalow.






    The speeder was influenced by the 1958 Sunray Sedan concept car.


    I’m grateful to Bod De Quatre and Eurobricks for offering this unique contest. I’ve seen a lot of great builds for this contest, and I hope you enjoy mine. Good luck to everyone!