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  1. tornado

    Lego Roomz

    I have improved the lego minifigure habitats into a much bigger rooms. Every rooms can still be stacked together. Mini-building Bedroom Tavern Simulation Room Gym Horror Samurai Quarter Cave Thanks for looking
  2. tornado

    Medieval Stuctures

  3. tornado

    Medieval Stuctures

    Update: Added dwelling
  4. tornado

    Wonder Woman MOC

    Greetings as well, thank you. :)
  5. tornado

    Wonder Woman MOC

    the base Thanks for looking.
  6. tornado

    Medieval Stuctures

    Update, added a few structures.
  7. tornado

    Medieval Stuctures

    Thank you guys :)
  8. tornado

    Medieval Stuctures

    UPDATE Dwelling Medieval Village Catapult Well Medieval House Blacksmith Thanks for looking
  9. tornado

    the Shallows

    thank you, and sorry for the spoilers Hello again, thank you.
  10. tornado

    the Shallows

    Thank you. Thank you, I love the movie, need to watch it several times on dvd to capture the details,
  11. tornado


    Thank you guys, will be doing a remodeling of the batcave, hopefully for a better outcome and will finish this project soon, I'll post some pictures again by then.
  12. tornado

    the Shallows

    Moc'ed one of my favorite sleeper movie of 2016 side by side Thanks for looking
  13. tornado


    Thank you Sir.
  14. tornado

    MOC Batrides (elseworld's)

    Thank you :D