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    [MOC] EV3 Minecraft Creeper Mashup

    Thanks for the feedback! Doc_Brown, I didn't think to extend the sticker/printed parts over the exposed edges, that would easily hide the exposed foam board sections! The original design called for a slightly more complex cutting/folding job of the board, but I decided to go for the simpler version that (unfortunately) leaves the inner edges exposed. Printing the skin/stickers just a little wider would be a very simple 'cover up' for that. Thanks for the suggestion! Legozebra, getting the legs to move accurately would be amazing! If I could get the legs to do the appropriate motion while using the tread design to do the actual moving, that I think might be doable? Creeper walking animation: I'm assuming that getting an object to walk like that in real life would be very, very difficult. But faking it might be easier and still look appropriate? Mmmmmm ; )
  2. Not sure how appropriate this is! Understandable if it gets flagged. First time confused poster : ) This is a mashup using a LEGO EV3 (EDU version, but Retail instructions are included) kit with 3/16" thick foam core, for the purpose of creating a 2 foot tall Minecraft Creeper. Full build instructions: I hope this helps someone in need of a fun weekend project : )