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  1. Mikeysee

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    If it were just a grey toaster NES you might have a point but it's also a very cool retro TV with an interesting build mechanic and interactive functionality (that you have to pay extra to use...). I own multiple original systems and this is still an easy purchase. Methinks this set just isn't for you and you can move along.
  2. Mikeysee

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think this is amazing. I haven't been this excited about a set since the Barracuda Bay reveal. I do wish the price was a little lower. When Brickset first posted the reveal article they had the price listed as $200. That would have been fantastic. $230 is a little harder to swallow. Even still, this might be my first ever Day 1 purchase. I want to support this idea in hopes that they create expansions for it down the line. A Zelda cartridge and screen would be amazing, as would any number of other Nintendo property games. I wonder how much those would have to cost. $50? They would require a number of printed elements. Can anyone tell if the spine of the cartridge has the name on it? I'm guessing no, which would be a shame. That and the lack of a lip along the entire length of the lid are my only complaints.
  3. Mikeysee


    This and the Treehouse are two of the best sets Lego has ever put out in my opinion (and sales and reactions seem to point towards the majority agreeing). I wish the handful of detractors would stop trying to act like they're speaking for everyone. You very clearly do not. This is a fantastic set full of personality, nostalgia, and excellent design. The original submission was great in its own way but this is far more interesting to me personally. I can't wait to build it. Congratulations and thank you to the original designer. I hope you're as pleased with the final result as most of us are!
  4. Mikeysee

    LEGO Masters US Show

    I thought it was kind of underwhelming. They didn't spend enough time looking at the creations to really give the viewer a sense of what was good and what wasn't. Then at the end they pretty much skipped half the teams so by the time they announced the winner you really didn't have a clear idea of why they won instead of someone else. The show just didn't feel like it had much meat to it. And though I love Will Arnett I don't think he was a good choice to host. He adds good flavor but he really doesn't have anything to say when it comes to Lego, he just seems disinterested. That's where Jamie and Amy should be really valuable but they didn't get much screen time and when they DID talk it was usually brief and didn't have much depth. I think there's a solid foundation there but it really needs to improve (and most shows like this DO after the first few episodes). I'm excited to see more but I hope they introduce restrictions and parameters to future challenges. Something like giving every team the same set of 3000 pieces and a theme and see who comes up with the most innovative design. Or "create a walking contraption that can climb a 20 degree slope". Something more than "build whatever you want in this theme with unlimited pieces".
  5. Mikeysee

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    After watching just2good's review I think this might be back in the "pass" column for me. The Rex face just doesn't look very good. He doesn't look menacing at all. If anything he's a little derpy. It's a shame because the original grey model that they started with looked appropriately scary.
  6. Mikeysee

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    These are my feelings exactly. The very first thing to come to my mind when hearing of a possible big JP set was the visitors center. It wasn't a rumor that brought it to mind, it was knowledge of the movie and of big Lego sets. It made sense. Including a vehicle ALSO would have made sense, for the above reasons. Had one been included and the little vignettes discarded I think a majority of people would have seen this set as a major win.
  7. Mikeysee

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    I think a lot of the negativity comes from disappointment. If Lego announced a new UCS Star Wars set that wasn't what people were expecting it would still be met with negativity, sure, but at the end of the day we all know there will be another UCS/D2C set coming that same year, then a couple more the next year, etc etc. They also revisit sets, so if you don't like the current UCS Falcon just be patient, there will be another one. This, on the other hand, might very well be the only big JP set we ever get. It could be the only shot we fans have at getting the iconic set we've always wanted. Unfortunately that set is different for everyone so it's going to be a miss for many, many people. Personally what we got doesn't quite hit the mark for me but honestly, it's pretty dang cool and I'll likely try to get it after a price break. But I do understand all the disappointment. I was very disappointed at first as well when I saw there wasn't a Jeep/Explorer and it wasn't a visitors center. This might just be me, but I think fear might play into it a bit, too. Lego has kinda missed a lot lately with their big sets and with each one it makes me wonder a little more if they're losing touch with their audience. I love Lego so that thought is pretty scary (in a nerdy first-world sort of way, haha). My 2c.
  8. Mikeysee

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    I only recently heard that there was a D2C JP set coming so I had no idea the visitor's center was the rumor. That WAS the first thing that popped into my head though, and I'll admit I'm disappointed we didn't get it. I think a nanofig visitor's center with some molded dinosaurs and a display for some figures would have been great. I think the Helicarrier is a good example of this type of set. You've got a big set for play with the nanofigs and then you've got the normal minifigs for display. However, I'm coming around to what we got. It's still not my favorite (the inclusion of a Jeep/Explorer would have helped a LOT) but the initial info I saw didn't clearly convey how large the dino and gate are and I didn't know the t-rex was articulated. That makes it much more interesting in my opinion, and it really does make a great display piece. Having said that, I'm still passing at $250. I think $175-$200 will be my goal here.
  9. Mikeysee

    Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    While I'll agree that the site is a mess right now I'd have to argue that this was the easiest promo to get hold of (at least in the 5ish years I've been buying Lego). The free shipping and no minimum purchase meant that I was able to buy a keychain (which was on sale even!) for $5 and still get the Revan. So for $5.20 including tax I got a keychain and this very cool figure shipped to my door. The checkout process was busted but in the end I can't complain, this was much less painless than most promotions. It does stink that the RO sets weren't live at midnight though.
  10. Mikeysee

    Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    Except that shipping is also free. I got a Darth Maul keychain and a Revan for $5.30 including shipping. I can't imagine there's a ton of profit to be made there after materials for both the figures and the packaging and shipping. But I am not complaining!
  11. Mikeysee

    Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    Thank you for that. Looks like I'm good (if "In Process" = good). G'night!
  12. Mikeysee

    Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    How do you even view your orders? Is that the same as "VIP Transactions"? If so none of my orders are showing up...
  13. Mikeysee

    Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    Yeah, my orders are hanging but I got Paypal confirmation emails for both. Check your email before you try going through checkout again.
  14. Mikeysee

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I am loving the look of the diver stuff so far. The space stuff might be a bit disappointing, hard to tell with those pics. The town square doesn't do much for me. I'm pumped!
  15. Mikeysee

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Pretty much the only things holding me back from building my CC are the dark red slopes and those skis. I could do without the skis but the building needs a roof, so I guess I'll be waiting for a bit. How often does Lego get these back in stock? I've never seen them come up when I've checked the site.