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  1. Rip, very sad to hear it. I like his MOC. I always refer his model.
  2. I keep them in the clear file holder, and storage in a box. Now I assembly my set are use the e-instruction.
  3. for me the B-model are difficult when i use the computer monitor. i have 23inch LED monitor, but my eyes will go blur after see the instruction then find the parts, i can't continues after 30min. the mistake for DBG and BLACK Parts will happen.
  4. khchai

    MOC Zastava 101 MkII (Rally)

    the engine are clear, i like the intake ,
  5. khchai

    Damaged 47154 motor

    try to turn the gear at the motor first, if the motor can turn by hand, means the motor no jammed. some times the wire connection not well may cause the current did not flow inside the motor. also try to check the electronic components too. happy repair.
  6. khchai

    [MOC] GROVE GMK 4100B

    nice mobile crane, i still build my 42009 fully motorized crane. i hope to know the detail about the power function in this crane.
  7. i brought the 42021 snow mobile and 42023 construction crew only. For the 42030 Volvo, i still keep my saving to get it , hope end of this year can build it.
  8. khchai

    MH17 ... our friends from the Netherlands

    I'm Malaysian, hope all the passenger 's body can delivery back to their hometown soonest. Their family are waiting. R.I.P MH 17.
  9. khchai

    [MOC] Bomb Disposal Robot

    i like the robot arm. nice job. i have try to build robot arm but too much weight cause the base not stable.
  10. The Lego Technic 8462 Tow truck bring me back from the dark age. At that time i was lucky to get this set with 40% off from toy shop. Before that i only have the 8880 , 8485 , 8459, and small technic set. The 8462 totally change from the stud to studless design at that time. I get my 8258 after 10 years, The set with power function give me more ideas in my MOC.
  11. 1. i have lego technic control center 8485, quite playful for that time. you can learn how the flexible cable work and the gearing too. 2. the controller with wires can joint 3 motor, that means you can control 3 motor at the same time. i have build a car and truck, there very playful at that time. ( needs a long wires ) now day, the power function are more advance. The IR receiver and IR controller can control the motor up to 10 meter distance.
  12. khchai

    hello to all.

    thank you.
  13. hi, i'm new member. just get my lego technic 2014, set 42021 & 42023 last weekend. the 42030 have 4 types motor , 2 receivers ,2 controller and a battery box. good for get the power function parts.
  14. khchai

    hello to all.

    hello to all eurobricks members. i am khchai from Malaysia. i like lego technic.