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  1. 46. 8837 Pneumatic Excavator (Studless) Original name : 8837 Pneumatic Excavator Features : • steering *new Pneumatic pump, new large Pneumatic cylinder and new small Pneumatic cylinder. *new Pneumatic valve. *wider wheels and tires. *360 degree turntable. Link to topic
  2. I have use my LEGO Technic parts to build 8837 Pneumatic Excavator in stud less version.
  3. 42. Austin Mini Moke (UK Version) This is my first enter contest. Hope you like it. W=15 studs , L= 38 studs , H= 14 studs. spare tires as steering, opening bonnet. 4 seats are foldable, back seat can be fold to hide under front seats. interior with steering wheel, gear shifter, hand brake and dashboard. have side mirror and internal mirror. CAA9FCE1-E75E-425E-B4B2-3DF1F828A349 by Kim Hwa Chai, 於 Flickr F91D6581-C9F2-4DD1-97F0-1026C20C092E by Kim Hwa Chai, 於 Flickr 6A2F1C0A-640B-4DBE-9313-732FE8133A52 by Kim Hwa Chai, 於 Flickr FCE550BA-FDE0-4CAF-B18C-8E420797E3EE by Kim Hwa Chai, 於 Flickr
  4. I have remove the HOG, then I make the spare tires as the steering. 65CC51EF-8E85-4F00-A8A8-ACE66A3CB610 by Kim Hwa Chai, 於 Flickr
  5. I don’t have the narrow tires. Narrow tires fit better. The steering wheel are no working, so I do the HOG.
  6. Mini Moke by Kim Hwa Chai, 於 Flickr The body and the interior. Mini Moke by Kim Hwa Chai, 於 Flickr The front look. Mini Moke by Kim Hwa Chai, 於 Flickr The back side.
  7. Testing testing. 無標題 by Kim Hwa Chai, 於 Flickr
  8. Thank you. Will try it later. Thank you, will try it later.
  9. Sorry about, I have build the base chassis. How to upload the photo, I still learning.
  10. I start with the chassis, so I needs the correct wheels and tires.
  11. Hi to all, this is my first time to enter this contest. I want to build something classic so I build this Mini Moke.
  12. Rip, very sad to hear it. I like his MOC. I always refer his model.
  13. I keep them in the clear file holder, and storage in a box. Now I assembly my set are use the e-instruction.