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  1. Just to imagine how complex these plants are: go to google pictures/images/photos type in raffinerie karlsruhe or refinery.. .... and see amazing pictures of a cemical plant. A good portion of the fuel of Europe comes from there. All means of transprotaions are there Trucks and Trains. This Idea, that is propsed, is only a fractal of the oritginal plants. kust a city or its own. Railcars of different types. This idea represents a huge set of Lego that might come. Add mor Railcars, Plants ..ractors....
  2. mrseven

    Just an idea for switches

    My plans are to have the prototypes printed in 3D by Shapeways for approval. I expect that there will be some minor cahnges to be made. after evaluation they will be available on shapeways
  3. mrseven

    Just an idea for switches

    Hallo, here is just an idea of a pait of switches which are parallel an uses a 40 and a 56 radius. just let me know in the comments what you think of this idea.
  4. Only a few minutes from introducing this project is almost ready. Great, I#ve been among the first supporters and watched this rising and rising. tomorrow it will reach the goal. WOW!!
  5. mrseven

    Union Pacific Big Boy 1:38

    This loco is amazing. Wunderbar!, I have only a little questio: Would you be so kind to share the .stl files on thingverse or shapeways ?
  6. mrseven

    I need Custom Wheels!

    There is one way to get custom wheel for train: Modfy one of an exsisting layout for your needs. Other diameters etc.. Procedure: Download Openscad, Download a wheel design with an openscad file from thingiveerse, and edit parameters. Export fo .STL file and make 3D Print may be in a shop. One exsample Source: the only thing is you need an axle from ancient wheels available at: and a wheel holder: I did this for my own, but the results are not ready to be published.
  7. mrseven

    3D Printed Train Wheels

    "Someone else ordered 4 of them....", I#m the one who orded these wheels.. Shipping wil be Feb 10. Meanwhile I'm veery interested in seeing your solutions.