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  1. joacim

    what do you call your lego city/ names for lego city?

    TiniCity after my wife.
  2. joacim

    westracing01's Race Track for Modular Buildings

    Lovly building and a nice progretion.
  3. joacim

    Brickton harbour

    WOW! So impressive!
  4. joacim

    [MOC] Nuclear Building

    Cool building!
  5. joacim

    Fully automated Lego train coal terminal

    Awsome track!
  6. joacim

    LDD MOC - Apartment building

    May i have a copy of the lfx-file too? Please! joacim.larsius "at" hotmail. se
  7. joacim

    MegaMOC 2014

    Great job!
  8. joacim

    MOC: Old village from Maramures (Romania)

    So verry veerrry nice!!
  9. joacim

    MOC: Kv Skalman & Sparvel!

    Lovly! Gillar det skarp! Sorry swedish for the first word (sort of )
  10. joacim

    City Square

    This city is just AWSOME keep building
  11. joacim

    Stefan Holm an AFOL?

    Hi! Yes Stefan Holm is a AFOL here is some liks for U (in swedish) and again in swedish