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  1. BosniaFTW

    2011 City sets

    The new harbor has to be atleast 10 or 15 dollars cheaper than the older one. The new one has a smaller boat, crane, and office type thing. The harbor all together is smaller.
  2. BosniaFTW

    Longest Modular, who has it?

    I think you've already beat about, everybody,
  3. BosniaFTW

    CITY: Legoland

    Looks very nice, ecspecially the train station! The only thing I'd improve is the crane. The window looks too bulky. I'd take a desin rom one of TLG's sets, like the 2007 Harbor.
  4. BosniaFTW

    Your Lego Christmas Haul Thread

    I got the new bank set and the public transport set. I could've gotten myself more, but spent the money I got from friends for Kinect. Great, but small Lego hall.
  5. BosniaFTW

    2011 City sets

    In a post in the general lego topics there's a picture of a new lego city set. It's a huge yellow truck carrying a big speedboat. It looks good!
  6. BosniaFTW

    Expand the Winter Village Contest Voting Thread

    Really hard to choose, Dix:1 jacob13:1 jansued:1 Nieks:1 twigman:1
  7. BosniaFTW

    2011 City sets

    I was hoping it would e cheeper, but I hade to have it!
  8. BosniaFTW

    2011 City sets

    I just picked up the new bank set at the lego store in Georgia, they got it yesterday. It looks amazing, but it was $50. I can't make a review, but I will answer questions!
  9. BosniaFTW

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3 discussion

    Thanks for the replies, luckily there is a toys r us near me, I might check it out!
  10. BosniaFTW

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3 discussion

    Which month does series 3 come out in the U.S?
  11. BosniaFTW

    Winter Village: Winter Church

    I think this ia a great MOC! I really love the ice pews,
  12. BosniaFTW

    MOC: BrickMiner's LEGOPOLIS

    Lovely city. Your buildings look amazing. What I've seen of your layout so far, it looks great. It has a nice modern feel to it.
  13. BosniaFTW

    MOC: Tv-show LOST

    Very nice creations! For a second there I thought Hugo was a pregnant girl with a beard in the first creation.
  14. BosniaFTW

    Some LEGO models of various bus stops

    I love the thrid one. Very modern and nice!
  15. BosniaFTW

    MOC: Service Truck

    I like it! It's nice that it has doors and drawers inside a door.