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  1. Photos of all the other themes have surfaced so I hope so. Update, technic pics are only of 1hy models...... Awwww.
  2. That´s the least interesting 2HY set for me - it´s just the 42030 bucket and a random assortment of beams. Bring on the crane and Bugatti!
  3. Arocs was 200 euros in Germany and many other countries.
  4. My point is that Lego were testing the water with 42070 to reach a new price point for standard flagships. If they had done that with 42055, few would have complained due to the part count and weight. 42070 backfired but that won´t stop them trying the same with Ultimate sets as other large exclusive sets have no problem selling out if they are popular enough. If we go back in time, the Unimog was the first 200 euro set and the biggest at the time - now there are second tier models like 42069 and 42054 with more parts selling for less money. The Arocs might well be the last ever 200 euro flagship. In 7 or 8 years time, the Porsche may even seem cheap but they can´t raise prices overnight.
  5. It took a long time to get to the 800 euro price points with UCS sets. The previous 10179 Falcon didn´t sell well originally and was frequently discounted from its 500 euro price point. It´s clear that they are slowly incrementing the maximum price point and part count for technic models. 8 or 9 years ago the big flagships cost 150-180 euros and now we are pushing 270 with the 6x6. The ultimate series has gone from 300 to 370 in just 3 years of existence so they could well move to a 500 euro point in the future by incorporating more parts or PF. It won´t come overnight as buyers need to be prepared - look at those complaining about the 70 euro difference already or the price of 6x6.
  6. 42069 - C MODEL

    Top notch Hall of Fame candidate. This is why Lego is great and sets with too many custom or specific parts kill creativity.
  7. 42077 Mods Needed

    Yes, very easy to power up. Just stick an L motor in on its side in place of the fake V6, change the 5.5 rod to a 5 anf brace it with a couple of beams. With my 4wd version, I stuck the servo motor in the space between the removed front seats and hooked it up to the steering directly.
  8. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Good point, maybe there is a side build of matching suitcases and a punture repair kit, which would account for the extra parts. The chassis will be exactly the same as on the Porsche but with two front driveshafts that only work when the car is in reverse.
  9. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    There is a real negative attitude to most flagships once they are released on here due to over-expectation built up during the pre-release speculation phase. What, it doesn´t have 300 new custom parts, ackermann steering nor can it make my bed for me? Aww, it´s rubbish and overpriced then. I´ll buy one first day. Probably the only sets that is an exception is the Arocs.
  10. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    It has beaten it roundly - on RRP and box size.
  11. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    It´s on Sariel´s video channel and I will post the link because it is essential watching for any Technic fan and is highly relevant to this thread regarding expectations and speculation. Watch from minute 15 to 20 in particular.
  12. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    The video interview with the designers showed how exasperated they were with reactions to the Porsche. Basically, part of the community is never happy with what they get but it was a sales success and is a great display model. The Mack truck is as simple as they come (apart from the steering mechanism) yet many people are loving it because it looks good. The recent more technically sophisticated models (42069, 42055 and 42066) are not good sellers so they have to strike a balance between looks and features. I reckon the purists will enjoy building the crane and hating on the Bugatti, whereas the wider public will go for the Bugatti and only hate the price. I wonder if it will be a D2C release this time.
  13. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    At least no one is speculating about PF this time. I´d say excpect very little and you won´t be disappointed. Perhaps a couple of new bodywork parts, the rims and a new connector or two.
  14. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Nice to see they have given the design gig to someone new - this will give people the chance to evaluate Wabra´s work against others as he has had the monopoly on cars in recent years. Interesting to note that we are going on 8 years now since the last front engined Technic sportscar - 8070.
  15. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I´d honestly love for there to be new transmission parts, but it is just not going to happen. Economics dictate there things and they have to amortise the parts they already have. From the video, you can see everything is old parts - engine block, gears, transmission and rear hubs. Probably only the rims and a few printed parts will be new and exclusive. If there was one car that deserved a new engine block, it would be this one as the old parts look far too big on a W16.