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  1. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    9398 and 8110 also use unis on live front axles and 8880 even manages it with independent suspension.
  2. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Crazily, it only has about 50 more pins than 42068. There are a lot of small non-technic parts but it does seem to be a fairly good parts donor, especially with the 4 new wheel wing panels.
  3. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    About 50% of the content are all the different pins. Actual beams, panels and rods are down to the minimum.
  4. Lego Technic 42067

    42051 and 42012-19 are missing set numbers that have never been used so it´s not a first for Technic, or indeed for other themes. I agree that the sticker has some significance to the designer more than being any conspiracy theory. SOmetimes sets can get cancelled late on in the design stage or pushed back with another number, like 42051-68.
  5. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Unfortunately RRP isn´t so it is still going to be more than it´s really worth. Sorry to go back to the price issue but if 42070 had cost 200 euros RRP, I think that the reviews would have been more lenient. For up to 270 Euros, people have a right to expect a finished, functional model and not a shell. No new parts, no new PF just different colours meanse there is little to justify that price. I´m in at 130 euros but not a cent more, Lego have just been too greedy this time.
  6. If one front wheel loses traction then all torque will go to that wheel with an open centre diff. If you lock the front diff then you will have less efficient steering and any slip from the rear wheels will transfer torque to them. Ideally, it is best just to eliminate the centre diff as the turning circle is so wide anyway and there are no drive shafts to break, just uni joints on the front.
  7. The priority for locking would be 1) centre 2) rear 3) front Locking only the front would make it a 2wd with no steering capabilty. Locking the centre would give you min 3wd - one wheel on each axle.
  8. This is probably the set requiring the most mods to be playable efficiently since 42008 tow truck. I look forward to seeing many proposals that will focus on an offroad chassis and get rid of all the crane parts and weight. I imagine the front suspension could be employed from Unimog or Crawler without too much difficulty and the Arocs solution to the rear.
  9. Maybe they removed the second motor to save weight!
  10. Technic 2018 set discussion

    Oh, I thought that the winner was going to be put into production like 41999. Rally Car would likely be around 1200 pieces with optional PF to add lights and lift up the engine bay/spoiler - same as 42039 and 42000. Arocs will retire this winter, so there could perfectly well be another truck for 2hy18.
  11. Technic 2018 set discussion

    That truck of the future competition they launched with the Arocs is sure taking a long time to come through.
  12. Technic 2018 set discussion

    If there is a rally car, it´s likely to be the replacement for 42039. Lego are very predictable with their Technic line and in recent years theres has always been a 1HY flagship usally with power functions and that is either a car or an aerial vehicle, alternating year by year. We´ve had two aerial vehicles in a row so another car is due. 2017: Display Jet 2016: Heavy Lift Helicopter 2015: 24h Racer 2014: Cargo Plane 2013: Grand Prix Racer (no PF) 2012: Rescue Helicopter (no PF) 2011: Supercar
  13. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Interesting they didn´t use one on 42069. Perhaps there is enough slip on the tracked wheel to make it unnecessary.
  14. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    It´s 1 wheel drive the moment a front wheel goes off the ground or loses traction and 100% torque gets transferred to that wheel. Seeing as there is no front suspension, that´s quite likely. MOCers will either lock it or remove the centre diff entirely, I guess.
  15. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Hello 1 wheel-drive and 0 off road performance. I guess it will have to be modded.