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  1. History has shown that the first set from a series (42056 in this case) or unique models with some USP such as short life, limited release or some rare parts or misprints do the best. The Bugatti and Lambo don´t fit in any of these categories and also cost much more than the 911. I´d say it will be worth less than 1000 euros but then again inflation has to be taken into account and we don´t know how many more supercars or indeed Lambos will be made in the future. 42056 is doing OK considering it was heavily discounted and there have been so many other 911 cars made. It had a shorter life than the Bugatti, though and Porsche has more mainstream interest.
  2. valenciaeric

    [RUMORS] 4x4 Mercedes Zetros

    Unimog part count with a supercar series price tends to suggest it will have quite a few motors and a smart hub.
  3. valenciaeric

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Yay, that means neither is likely to be RC. At worst 42126 might have some basic powered function but I doubt it.
  4. valenciaeric

    42126 [IP Vehicle]

    I doubt it will be another car. We already have both the Chiron and 911 extended plus the 488 and the Lambo and the Dom Charger so there is a point where sales cannibalise each other. Having said that, the next Creator car is yet another a white 911, so with TLG you just never can tell.
  5. It depends more on what price TLG offers retailers. We have seen RRP go up and up but not necessarily wholesale prices, that way they can offer what appear to be bigger discounts.
  6. valenciaeric

    Help Me Save Power Functions!

    They don´t compete with RC cars but just launched a copy of a classic RC buggy? The flagships get bigger, heavier and more expensive every year and they need more and more motors to power them because they are so feeble. The Liebherr is a great set but the same results were achieved for a third of the price with 8043 and 4 puny M motors.
  7. valenciaeric

    Help Me Save Power Functions!

    For me the main mistake they made was thinking they were Apple and designing a hermetic system with bespoke connection points (and them limiting the number of device you can connect). About the only thing that is standard is the size of alkaline batteries the hubs use. They compounded that by not releasing all the essential components from the beginning and not having a fully functional app. Then there is the issue of control + and PU devices that don´t talk to each other. Thirdly, Lego is the most plug in and play toy there is but now you have to have the app, the compatible phone and then do all the setup and or coding if it is your own MOC. It will be eaiser for younger generations but finally we are still stuck with motors that don´t provide enough power or torque to handle heavier designs and are bulkier than the previous generation. I think it´s disappointing considering the time they had to develop a worthy successor to PF2.0
  8. valenciaeric

    Help Me Save Power Functions!

    I think we have to accept that lego is just not a tech savvy company. Hidden Side was an expected disaster and that whole range has been pulled after 2 years, some models just getting 6 months before EOL. Great shelf warmers in stores as people want them even less than the Friends Kart track sets. The money wasted on developing the APP and advertising thrown down the drain whilst no one remembered to give a thought to designing a box where you can actually see the product or as to whether kids want to combine Lego with apps is astounding and smacks of arrogance. It might have worked if they had used Harry Potter or Star Wars as a base product but not a totally new line. PU was an overdue replacement for PF but Lego overthought it and produced something that is clunky, barely moddable and overpriced with no real power output advantages over PF plus you have to supply the control device and there is no support for older iOS or Android. People can defend PU/ control + all they want but the bare truth is that the connectivity and modularity between motors is worse than before and the only slight benefits are Bluetooth over IR to help give a bit more reception distance and some more practical holes on the motors to fit them in place. Compare it with any RC device and it is a joke, however. The flagship sets all move at a crawl and devour batteries. The smaller ones like Top Gear and Buggy are bare bones models to keep them light enough to move but are really only Technic by brand. Initially we could give them breathing space but we are 2 years in now and still waiting for a rechargeable battery box and independent control device. AS TLG have a history of being stubborn, we are going to be lumped with it for another ten years or more unless people vote in a meaningful way and stop buying PU products. There is a huge window in the market for third party developes to create something really special but it´s sad that TLG don´t have the ability to do it in-house. The laziness of no longer making technic B models and the bloated range of new parts that seem to only have one use smacks of the problems that almost brought them to their knees at the beginning of the millennium, yet for the moment sales seem to be holding up maybe thanks to the spread in use of brand licences.
  9. valenciaeric

    [RUMORS] 4x4 Mercedes Zetros

    I have a feeling and hope for the second. Unimog and Arocs were both PF but non RC and are two of the best flagships. Do we really want or need another 42070, 42099 or 42114 like model, crawler slow with no interesting functions?
  10. Similar ground clearance? 42077 was non licensed so substantially cheaper than the 911 and 488. The basic chassis is the same for all of them so they are somewhat silhouette type vehicles.
  11. valenciaeric

    42125 Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51”

    Real racing cars use stickers. I dont see the problem, if you don´t like them don´t apply them. Using printed parts for such big logos would probably look awful (see the creator Mustang and all the problems it had with misaligned prints) and the you couldn´t reuse the parts for other builds either.
  12. valenciaeric

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    This is another example of corporate greed and obsession with trying to be all things to all people. In the end they get tripped up by their own protocols, which even their own high ranking employees obviously don´t understand. I thought that temporarily pulling the City Police Sets and redoing the head of the minifig from the Star Wars Resistance Bomber were already PC gone mad but this decision actually seems common sense compared to those. We could debate whether the origins of the "cuddly" VW Beetle also make it unsuitable to market but in the end if Lego don´t do it someone else will. I would not lose sleep about any of the 2020 sets being cancelled as they are really nothing special. Some people are going to get rich quick if they have got stock and the set is never released.
  13. valenciaeric

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    The gearbox has saved it from mediocrity.
  14. valenciaeric

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    That there are no B models on big sets is not a deal breaker for me as much as the fact that these sets are rehashes of very similar sets released onlly a couple of years ago. The combination of those two aspects plus the inherent limitations of the new power functions standard means there is less and less creativity used and offered. The use of big moulded parts on stuff like the cement mixer takes Lego technic one step closer to Playmobil. The Sian is a worthy addition and I will likely get one when it goes 40-50% off RRP but my wallet is staying in my pocket for all the other sets.
  15. valenciaeric

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Not doing it for me. If you own the Chiron then you have the Sian. If you have 6x6 tow truck then you have the Volvo. The other 2 sets are OK but nothing to write home about. Give me a Claas tractor or 9397 logging truck over them any day. This was a missed opportunity to do a backhoe or something else we haven´t had for a longer while.